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“Clean” accomplishes more whilst it attempts to do much less: when it follows Adrien Brody’s tormented man or woman around as he quietly is going approximately the day by day enterprise of atoning for his sins. Brody conveys so much emotion and remorse absolutely thru his display presence, although his haunted eyes and regular gait. But then the narration kicks in, needlessly explaining what he’s wondering all of the time.

This small movie turned into truly a hard work of affection for the Oscar winner, who also serves as producer, co-creator, and composer. Why he would lend his sizeable clout to this clichéd tale informed in overwrought style stays a mystery, but his capability is in no way in doubt. Reteaming with director and co-author Paul Solet (“Bullet Head”), Brody stars as the satirically named Clean. He’s a rubbish collector who spends his nights selecting up trash from the industrial, snowy streets of Utica, New York, and laying down his worldview in repetitive, heavy-surpassed tones.

“I’m nonetheless lookin’ for answers,” he explains in a raspy, commencing voiceover. “I just don’t recognise the questions anymore.” He also complains approximately the “countless onslaught of ugliness” he sees all round him, that is more than a little harking back to Travis Bickle’s screeds against the decay of society. “No rely how tough I strive, I can’t wash away the beyond,” he says subsequently, simply in case we weren’t clear as to the tale “Clean” objectives to tell.

But looking him try and do simply that is a ways greater compelling than hearing him speak approximately it. Clean is good along with his palms, and we see him undergo the methodical manner of collecting salvageable gadgets, fixing them in his spartan apartment, and selling them to the neighborhood pawn shop, in which RZA brings a welcome feeling of warmth amid the bleakness as its owner. Mykelti Williamson also has some first-rate moments as a barber who serves as Clean’s sponsor. (His restoration from drug dependancy offers the movie’s name but every other meaning.) Clean appears to realize absolutely everyone in the neighborhood and secretly does appropriate deeds for them, like painting over graffiti or solving the exterior of a dilapidated residence.

There’s a much more intriguing story here in the simple series of kindnesses that pave the road toward his salvation, however Solet and Brody are extra inclined in the direction of the exploitative shock of gory, B-film thrills. Among the people he looks out for is Dianda (Chandler DuPont), a candy teenager dwelling along with her grandmother. She in reality reminds him of the younger daughter he lost, a tragedy “Clean” alludes to in brisk, overly stylized flashbacks. (We in the end analyze what took place towards her at the quit, however it appears so ridiculously impossible, it drains the occasion of its intended dramatic punch.) When he savagely protects Dianda from being gang raped by way of a collection of nearby toughs, one of the kids he beats up along with his trusty wrench happens to be the son of the town’s drug kingpin (Glenn Fleshler). Bashing inside the face of the younger ex-con, Mikey (Richie Merritt), stirs the vengeful ire of this volatile crime boss, who makes use of an unassuming fish market because the the front for his operation but will beat a man to a pulp on the sidewalk in vast sunlight hours for shorting him.

And so these wildly violent men discover themselves on a collision direction with each different, with a huge frame depend piling up in their wake. But there’s nothing specifically stimulated about the choreography or execution of those action sequences. They’re brief and dirty, albeit with squirm-inducingly shiny sound layout. Clean takes on a John Wick-like pleasant in his capacity to struggle through limitless goons with a easy pickaxe or something else he reveals lying round, and that complete precise-with-his fingers commercial enterprise comes into play once more as he crafts his very own makeshift arsenal.

Again, simply looking Brody conducting such painstaking work is thrilling; the universal bloodbath that ensues, less so.

Now playing in theaters and available on virtual systems.


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