We interviewed Jasmin Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding, two of the young performers of the new Scream, now in theaters.

Among the new faces of Scream , for a few days in Italian cinemas, there are Jasmin Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding , who on the screen play two twins, nephews of Randy Meeks, the legendary cinema expert who explained the rules of horror in the original trilogy . She inherited her uncle’s passion, even if, as emerges from our exclusive interview, this is not reflected in real life: when asked how she would fare if questioned on the phone by Ghostface, the colleague answers for him, saying ” He would die right away!”. She agrees, reiterating even at the end of the chat, when we ask what their favorite horror is, that she lacks the basics, having only seen a handful of titles, all from the last few years. Perhaps also for a matter of gender preferences: ” I like psychological thrillers, I hate blood. And for some reason they keep casting me in gory movies. ”

A feigned conflictual relationship

In the film, the two actors are brother and sister, and they were admittedly happy to work together, even if during the junket they enjoy pretending that it wasn’t. “ We can’t stand each other ,” Jasmin Savoy Brown jokingly says , while Mason Gooding comments “ You can’t see it, but there’s a wall between the two of us, which they removed with CGI. ” What it was like to shoot a horror movie during the pandemic. , with the real world becoming a horror in its own way? He replies: ” I find it heartening. And I prefer to face Ghostface rather than an invisible virus. ” She objects, saying that Ghostface is still a formidable opponent, and he replies: ” It depends on who is under the mask.Dwayne Johnson I see it tough, actually. “The ritual question: the horror they love the most? Brown begins:” I don’t know if I would call it my favorite, but The Witch is the one I found most disturbing. And it’s not a horror, but I also find Benedetta disturbing , a beautiful film. “Gooding goes classic:” Saying Scream would be too easy, so I choose The Shining . “She whispers that she has never seen him, and he:” But how? Okay, we’ll watch it together. “

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