Savage HyunA’s Answer When Asked To Marry His Own Fans


A Fan Caught HyunA’s Attention When Showing Her Message To Marry Him. In Response To This, This Solo Singer Had An Unexpected Answer And Made The Concert Audience Feel Happy Too.

HyunA’s charm as a musician not only makes fans stunned by her music and visuals, but also her personality. So don’t be surprised if fans tease him to marry this one singer in a funny way.

Recently, HyunA filled a festival event where her lover, E’DAWN was also known to be present at the event. During the festival, HyunA pointed to one of the fans holding a message for attracting her attention.

“Is the trend these days asking people to marry you?” wrote the message that caught HyunA’s attention. The singer then looked at his fans and replied, “Oh, are you serious?”

Then, after hesitating for a moment, HyunA smiled and raised her left hand to answer all the requests. And right, HyunA showed off the ring on her fourth finger. “What should I do? I have the ring on my hand,” he said proudly.

“You know what else? I actually came here with my boyfriend today. Let me introduce you guys to my girlfriend,” HyunA said then called DAWN to go on stage with her.

When Dawn came on stage, HyunA explained to her boyfriend the reason why he was called to accompany her. “So someone asked me to marry them, and unfortunately I had to tell them that I was wearing a ring,” HyunA explained to DAWN.

“Who? Who said that to my boyfriend?” asked DAWN when he heard this and asked the audience. DAWN then raised his lover’s left hand and pointed to the ring on his fourth finger, and said jokingly, “Don’t you see this?”

Then, when many fans in the audience asked HyunA and Dawn to perform “Ping Pong”, the crew was able to put together an impromptu version of the stage. With full of energy, this couple performed a stage act that was fun and memorable. Apparently, the two’s love for each other is strong and fans really love their sweet interaction!


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