Sanditon Season 2 Release Date Australia


With Sanditon season 2 set to start on March 20, the Australian premiere will be a much-anticipated occasion for the fans of the BBC comedy. This satire of the 1950s era will continue to entertain viewers and have viewers laughing and crying throughout the entire episode. Adapted by Andrew Davies, the show stars Rose Williams as Charlotte, Crystal Clarke as Georgiana Lambe, Turlough Convery as Arthur Parker, and Jack Fox as Sire Edward Denham. The second series of Sanditon will be released on March 20 at 9pm on Masterpiece.

sanditon season 2 release date australia

The second series will focus on the character of Charlotte, who will have found her newfound independence and will be more cautious in her love life. The events of Season 1 changed Charlotte from a naive, carefree girl into a more mature and thoughtful young woman. The events of Season 1 transformed her naivety into a more self-aware and independent woman. The second season will continue the journey through her heartbreak.

The series will feature several returning cast members, including Ben Lloyd-Hughes and Tom Weston-Jones. The show will also include a new writer in Janice Okoh. The series is set to debut on Binge in March 2022. The first season of Sanditon was a smash hit on Netflix. The second season will be six episodes long and will premiere on 24 March 2022 in Australia.


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