RM BTS Acutely Broken Heart Gets 5 Pokemon Character Stickers All The Same


RM BTS’s Passion For Pokemon, From The Bread He Hunts To The Stickers He Gets Back, Makes Him Feel Like He Has To Work Hard To Get It.

Previously, RM ( Rap Monster ) BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) openly revealed that he was fond of Pokemon bread which is a childhood snack. Not only that, RM went hunting because of his great desire to get these snacks.

Recently, RM uploaded a photo on his Instagram story showing a sticker pack of one of the characters in “Pokemon” on Sunday (20/3). “Why are you doing this to me?” write RM in the upload.

In the published photo, there are three Little Doll Tibutiboo Seal Pokemon from the “Pokemon” series. Then, in the published photo where the number of little dolls increased to 5. This is where RM expresses his thoughts.

“They treated me like 5 Madol Goos stickers,” he said. Apparently, RM was venting his frustration at getting 5 stickers from the same character.

How could he not, previously he had a high interest in “Pokemon” and everything about it. So it’s only natural that RM seems eager to collect all the stickers from various characters.

Previously, RM showed a picture falling into memory when he posted an article on Instagram asking him to produce more Pokemon Breads. Since then, he has mobilized his friends and parents to hunt down his favorite Pokemon buns.

RM, who was determined to get Pokemon bread , was actually trying to find up to 8 different shops. Then, eventually they all sold out so he really worked hard to get them.

Meanwhile, RM’s fondness for “Pokemon” has also attracted the attention of the public who have the same taste. Even when RM was hunting for the Pokemon bread, fans called it adorable because he was known to have been traveling around town for 3 hours to get it.


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