[REVIEW] Naked Truth (2022)


Exploiting the script has a creative point, but the story at the end of the processing is somewhat short of breath.

Naked Truth (2022) is the debut movie work of director Dinh Ha Uyen Thu, who has “cool hands” created many hit Vpop MVs of A-list stars such as Ho Ngoc Ha, Toc Tien, Dam Vinh Hung, Son Tung MTP, Bao Thy and many other famous singers. The film is considered a movie version of the sitcom Campaign Against Eager with some changes in the actors in the main cast. In the midst of a large Vietnamese film lineup coming together in the early 2022 atmosphere, Naked Truth still has its own distinctive marks to create attraction for its position.

Naked Truth focuses on the tense marital relationship between Camy (Bao Anh) and the rich young man Dang Minh (Quoc Truong). The flashy exterior makes everyone jealous of this perfect happy relationship, but in reality, Dang Minh is an abusive husband and has a terrifying level of jealousy and control over his wife. After the 3rd wedding anniversary, Camy decided to confess her abuse to her friends, Quynh Lam (Minh Hang), Linh Dan (Dieu Nhi) and Ken (Thuan Nguyen). After that, the whole group of close friends got together to help Camy get out of this negative situation, but not everything we want will be so easy to do.

Among the many forms of Vietnamese movies, Naked Truthhas oriented a separate and new path. Violence against women and toxic marriages are common in everyday life, but sometimes they are forgotten because of the obvious preconceived rules that society sets. The film has chosen a topic that is rarely mentioned in Vietnamese cinema so far and has gone right to the heart of the issue. The married life between Camy and Dang Minh clearly depicts toxic marriages. There men like Dang Minh allow themselves the right to use violence against women and control all of their partner’s life. In contrast, gullible women are clearly shown through the image of Camy, always only willing to make sacrifices and want to use sincere love to change her partner.

In addition to a general portrait of toxic marital relationships, Naked Truth also shows viewers a beautiful friendship through close friends. A lawyer Linh Dan who always defies everything to stand up for his friend, a designer Quynh Lam who is clever but equally emotional, a gentle Ken who always wants to protect his little sisters. me. Their friendship allows us to believe in the true beauty it can create in this life.

The opening act of Naked Truth does a great job in giving the audience a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening and what’s going to happen in the movie. However, spending nearly half of the film’s time just introducing the background, the characters made the film feel a bit lengthy and lengthy. It leads to the knots that are resolved at the end to become quite urgent and quick, leading to not fully convincing the audience and above all, bringing a bit of a sense of disappointment. Disappointed because the twists of the film are built quite well, enough to bring suspenseful waiting and dramatic atmosphere, but the resolution of the problem has greatly reduced the expectations of previous viewers.

Dinh Ha Uyen Thu was originally the director of the popular music videos of Vietnamese showbiz, so the first movie cannot avoid those familiar paths. The camera angles and setting shows that Naked Truth has more segments that are more like a music MV than an actual movie. But this is the first work, this moderation needs to be promoted more if Dinh Ha Uyen Thu still wants to have a charm with cinema in the following works. Besides, because they are used to working with music, it is impossible not to praise the songs in the film, which appear at the right time and are a good catalyst for viewers to feel the mood of the people. object.

The cast of Naked Truthare not familiar faces of Vietnamese cinema, except Dieu Nhi, so at least they can bring new directions to the film. Dieu Nhi’s Linh Dan character is a safe role, it still helps the actress promote her inherent strengths, from the funny humor of a close friend to the role of a very good lawyer. . Quoc Truong plays the role of a husband with a perverted mentality, even to the weak parts he even makes viewers’ goosebumps with his terrible transformation. Camy’s wife, played by Bao Anh, is a role that surprised the audience quite a bit, because of the singer’s well-rounded role-playing from a doomed woman to courageous acts of leaving. Minh Hang’s character Quynh Lam is a unique character and plays an important role in the last act. However,The Naked Truth that asks the most is the character Ken played by Thuan Nguyen, this is a character, if not exaggerated, it is very redundant, does not help the change or development of the whole movie, and again. has a shocking ending.

Overall, Naked Truth with a good script and an effort to convey a meaningful message to women who are willing to stand up for themselves, this is an experience worth considering.


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