REVIEW: JOLT (2021) The latest film directed by Tanya Wexler


( Buffaloed , 2019), Jolt , tells the story of a woman named Lindy ( Kate Beckinsale ) who has been diagnosed with a medical condition since she was a child, where she is unable to contain her anger, which drives her to take violent actions. To deal with Lindy’s often uncontrollable anger, her psychiatrist, Dr. Munchin ( Stanley Tucci ), provides an electric shock device that can reduce Lindy’s desire to be rude when she is emotional. Dr. Munchin also advises Lindy to meet and establish relationships with other people. The suggestion that then brought Lindy together with an accountant named Justin (Jay Courtney ). Unexpectedly, Justin was able to win and soften Lindy’s heart. However, not long ago the romance grew, a tragedy appeared and befell Justin. Lindy is no longer able to control all the emotions she feels and then tries to find out who is responsible for what happened to the figure of the man she loves so much.

At first glance, Scott Wascha’s script for Jolt feels like a blend of a number of films with similar themes that have been released previously. Remember Crank (Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor, 2006) where the character played by Jason Statham needs an electric shock to survive? Or with the story of the character played by Jennifer Garner in Peppermint (Pierre Morel, 2018) who suddenly had to rise up to avenge the death of her husband and children? Familiar themes, of course, but Wascha was able to put some clever touches in the script that could make Joltfelt so much fun to follow. Just look at how Wascha gives the right mix of actionability and humor to Lindy’s character. The character is described as being able to destroy (or kill) anything that is in front of him when he is angry. At the same time, it’s hard not to fall in love with the character when Wascha manages to provide him with very effective character digs and witty dialogues.


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Admittedly, the entire success of Jolt’s storytelling depends entirely on the performance of Lindy’s character – and the appearance of Beckinsale who brings the character to life. Jolt opens less convincingly at first through a five-minute narrative that tells the life of the main character since he was a child to the various life challenges he must go through due to his emotional problems. The narration is too long and quite disturbing. Luckily, Wexler was slowly able to control the rhythm of Jolt’s storytelling . Along with the continued focus on Lindy’s character, her interactions with other characters, as well as the brutal action presentations make Jolt’s dynamic. Although the conflict structure and characters have never been managed more maturely – with the possibility to prepare for a sequel – Wexler was able to execute Wascha’s story script to become a strong action presentation in its entertainment elements.

Jolt may not have been able to look as fresh and entertaining as this without the excellent performance of Beckinsale. With films such as Underworld (Len Wiseman, 2003), Van Helsing (Stephen Sommers, 2004), to Total Recall (Wiseman, 2012) in his filmography, Beckinsale’s ability to execute action scenes certainly cannot be doubted. It is his ability to manage every witty dialogue that makes Beckinsale’s appearance in this film even more enchanting. Its existence makes Lindy’s character as well as Jolt .’s storytelling qualityoverall come alive. Wexler also has solid support from the rest of his film acting department. The characters played by Tucci, Courtney, Bobby Cannavale , Laverne Cox , David Bradley , and Susan Sarandon are indeed present with a (too) minimalist story digging. Fortunately, these names managed to make their characters present straightforward in accompanying Lindy’s character, played by Beckinsale. Jolt would probably be forgotten as soon as it was witnessed. However, no one will be able to deny that this film is able to present a lot of fun moments in its 91 minutes of narrative duration.


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