[Review] Hellbound (Netflix) – Yeon Sang Ho’s madness and chaos


Hellbound (Netflix) – There is a storyline worth following when instilling fear in each of us.

How many scary things appear in the world, but have you ever witnessed the destruction of a person’s conscience, Hellbound spreads that fear and also opens up many new ways of thinking for this story.

Hellbound is the next work from the land of kimchi broadcast on Netflix, which is widely expected by the audience after the success of Squid Game . Molded by Train to Busan director – Yeon Sang Ho, Hellbound brings together a talented Korean cast including Yoo Ah In, Kim Hyun Joo, Park Jeong Min, Yang Ik June… Adapted from the popular webtoon of Choi Kyu Seok, the film is about a world where hordes of smoke-like monsters suddenly appear and condemn humans to death.

The death sentence can be just seconds or it can be many long and painful years, but when the time is right, three monsters emerge from nowhere and search for their target, tormenting their victims savagely. barbaric and burned to death with white light, leaving a charred body. In the midst of this chaos and confusion was born the New Truth Society – a religious sect that documented these acts around the world, convincing the populace to believe it was an act of God, to help each individual realize all his mistakes made and to warn everyone towards a better life, not to cause any more sin.

When a person was convicted in the streets of Seoul, footage of the angel of death performing went viral on social media, causing extreme panic among the people. The police start a murder investigation, but policeman Jin Kyung Hoon (Yang Ik June) himself is confused with what is happening.

The police decided to approach Jung Jin Soo (Yoo Ah In), the leader of the new Axiom church to investigate the root of the matter, but things became more complicated when Park Jung Ja – a woman received a warning. Rely on the police, the church, and a lawyer to protect his family from this unbelievable supernatural phenomenon. New Truth wants to broadcast the moment of Park Jung Ja’s death, while Kyung Hoon teams up with lawyer Min Hye Jin (Kim Hyun Joo) to protect the woman and her two young children. Does the strange supernatural phenomenon have anything to do with the new Axiom cult? And what will happen to people when the world is gradually becoming chaotic with a lot of interference from religions and outside forces like that, 6 episodes of Hellbound are just enough to exploit a new and full of experiences. interesting.

The film possesses a unique story structure, split into two time periods a few years apart with different casts – although some characters reappear. The first part, as explained above, focuses on a society in competition with existential change, while the second takes place in a world familiar with the concept of the New Axiom church.

The storyline continues with Bae Young Jae (Park Jung Min), a skeptical TV producer, frustrated by the dogma of the New Truth Society. His wife, Song So Hyun (Won Jin A), has just given birth and in the hospital’s intensive care unit, she sees an angel announcing the day her baby will go to hell.

Meanwhile, Young Jae goes looking for a missing colleague, which leads him to discover a group trying to cover up this monster’s attacks so that the victim’s bereaved family members don’t get caught. New Truth devotees or members of the organization Arrows discover and disturb.

Yeon Sang Ho, the man behind the success of Train to Busan , also wrote the webtoon Hellbound and produced the series on Netflix. The talented Korean director gives the audience a universe covered in gray, a mess related to ethical issues that really make viewers think.

The ethical questions posed in the series are acute and timely, and are sure to spark heated debates. Hellbound ‘s thrilling scenario has a lot in common with the deeply divisive issues facing human society today, from social inequality to epidemics and religion.

Exploiting new ideas is a remarkable point of Hellbound, following the main circuit of conveying a religion, the film does not follow the trail of other films but creates its own characteristics. The first 3 episodes are when the film introduces the context, characters as well as the sequence of events leading to a common main plot, which makes it easy for viewers to feel that the movie’s pace is quite slow. Until the twist at the end of episode 3 appeared, since then the story was at its climax enough to keep the attraction continuing with viewers. In general, the whole series is 6 episodes, the arrangement of the director has clear intentions for himself.

Perhaps still too obsessed with the awkwardness in the image of Sweet Home , the concern of the audience before watching Hellbound is the technique for the scary monsters from hell. But fortunately, the CGI part of the film has been partially overcome, the image of Angels or the messengers of hell and the bloody and dead scenes are also somewhat satisfying for the viewer. If we don’t mention the element of the image of a pretty “pretentious” newborn baby, in general the film’s effects have been done at a pretty good level.

Hellbound ‘s cast is also a big plus. The evidence from the “image king” Yoo Ah In is not wrong, a new villain, but he plays the role quite well and convinces viewers. Or female lawyer Min Hye (played by Kim Hyun Joo) in the psychological or action segments are performed perfectly. Besides, the supporting characters with small stories are enough to attract viewers through their acting talents such as the little girl Hee Jung played by child actor Lee Re, the television producer played by the child actor Lee Re. Park Jung Min is in charge.

Although everything Hellbound conveys sounds heavy, it is worthy of watching in 2021, surpassing the global phenomenon Squid Game. With a coherent way of building through 6 episodes and a plot with many plot twists containing many thrilling details, Hellbound becomes one of the most surprising movie titles of this year.

There is no need to compare Yeon Sang Ho’s work with Squid Game , although Hellbound is unlikely to achieve the same success as its predecessor, the film will certainly cause quite a lot of shock in the literal sense, especially thanks to the ending. heart palpitations lead to many promises for season 2 of the film.

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