REVIEW: God’s Gift – 14 Days (2014)


God’s Gift – 14 Days is the perfect case of a drama that could have been an excellent thriller, but then it does something terrible to tarnish much of its shine. I actually have a polarized view — there are many things I love and then there are things I hate about the scorching heat of a thousand suns. One thing’s for sure: you’ll at least get some delicious treats while watching a greatness named Jo Seung Woo!

The story is about a mother Kim Soo Hyun who gets a chance to travel back in time to save her kidnapped and murdered daughter. He got two weeks for this. An ex-cop Ki Dong Chan helps him on this quest as they race against time, solving clues and finally correcting their mistakes in the process.

This drama is perfect for mystery lovers as we see our protagonist surrounded by mystery and suspense as they go deep into the depths to discover the truth behind the kidnapping of the child. The show sets up a lot of evidence, advice, and red fish on its way and it’s great fun watching them connect the dots and go through exposition and discussion as they try to crack an entire web of conspiracies. There’s a constant creepy atmosphere that adds to the chilling narrative texture. The drama maintains a sense of urgency and the fast pace completes the thrilling aspect to T. We have a lot of suspects and theories and eventually as we get to the final hour, things get messy but more on that later. We were always on the edge of our seats and there was a nice increase in tension.

In addition to the thriller aspect, this show is emotionally powerful as it involves you with the touching relationship between mother and daughter as well as between our hero and his family, as well as between Dong Chan, Soo Hyun and his daughter. There are plenty of lighthearted moments that balance the heavy parts well and contribute to the warmth and depth of the story. The friendship between Jo Seung Woo and Lee Bo Young is great. In terms of character, Soo Hyun is a brave, intelligent, and impulsive woman who can do anything to save her daughter. At times, he was too hasty, leading to unintended consequences, but I thought that was understandable since he was in a desperate situation. Dong Chan is my favorite thing in dramas — he has a brain as well as a heart, he knows how to give our heroes a boost when needed and really cares. Then there’s Saet Byul’s cute but very mischievous daughter and I’m really annoyed by her because she hardly ever listens to her mother — even though I can see that she’s just a child.

Now we come to the aspect that lessens my love for the show. First, God’s Gift – 14 Days dip in the final round. The show tries to explain everything in its final hour leading to confusion and jumbled executions. I can tolerate all that if we get a satisfactory conclusion to this story. Unfortunately, the show only provides a senseless climax that negates the characterization of the characters and looks rushed. There is no plausible reason for things to happen in the end and it just leaves a sour taste. Also, the whole aspect of a mother saving her child taking a backseat as a hero is having people given more opportunities to do so — which is a bit of a disappointment. Apart from that, there is no explanation for the fantasy element.

Jo Seung Woo is the best thing about the show and puts on a great performance. He effortlessly brings humor, warmth and intensity to the drama. Lee Bo Young displays high acting intelligence — be it a brave mom or an emotional mom, she excels in both. Jung Gyeo Woon looks a bit lazy in a role that isn’t strong enough. Kim Tae Woo impresses as Lee Bo Young’s husband in gray while Kim Yoo Bin is adorable and effortless. Baro is also solid as a mentally retarded child.

Finally, God’s Gift – 14 Days could have been a fine, gripping thriller (which it mostly did) but the horrific ending ruined all the fun and goodness.


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