REVIEW: Doctor (2016) K-drama


Doctors are something I’m really excited about because of the directions and nothing else because medical shows don’t interest me. Therefore, I was not so disappointed by the lack of plot. As for romance and OTP, it feels like there is a dichotomy.

The story is about the daily lives of doctors in a large hospital. It has some of the back story of our lead but more or less the characters who made this story up. I can’t call it a slice of life because it’s too dramatic for that. But there’s a light vibe and good feel to it where it makes for a very effortless watch.

Let’s talk about the thing that excites me the most — romance. I’m really disappointed with the way it all started. First, it tries to force a hint of romance on us when the main character has a teacher-student relationship. They could have been friends but the drama wanted to prove that the bond of love is worth fearing. But I love that it’s mostly friendship and affection. Years later when they met, I was excited again to see the gradual fall in love. But the show dashed my hopes again. The male lead has confessed!

But then when the couple finally got together, it was a rainbow sight for me because they really had a great relationship as a couple, and the chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won was amazing. Their cute and sweet interactions are my favorite thing. They understand each other and try to improve themselves to be a better couple. Their interactions make me happy and there is a touch of maturity in them which I like.

Another thing I enjoy is the character traits for Jung Yoon Do. It was funny and unexpected. It’s great that he never turns into an obsessive second lead. The show also handled Jin Seo Woo’s trajectory well, at least at the end of the story. He never turns completely into a negative character. There are other cute characters that make Doctors such a fun watch.

This is a medical drama and it sure is like the number of hours in a day that would have case-of-the-week tropes. Doctors are no exception and sometimes cases are also a lesson for our character. I like the friendship between Hye Jung and Soon Hee. Also, the trio of Yoon Do, his uncle and In Joo please us in every scene.

Hye Jung is an extraordinary heroine — brave, confident, straightforward. Ji Hong is a mature and simple person with a good heart. The show did provide a growth path for our prospects, but somehow I didn’t feel that effect any more than at a surface level. The lack of an interesting story makes the show a little boring and mediocre. There are certain characters that annoy me too much and certain parts that bore me. But I have to say this is a rare time when I love surgery scenes — they’re deftly directed. The OST includes some great songs like No Way and That Love.

Park Shin Hye efficiently plays her character with grace, confidence, and style (I love her looks and costumes!). Kim Rae Won is always great and it’s great to see him in a charming and smiling role (even though the character is quite simple). Yoon Kyun Sang is so cute and Lee Sung Kyung puts on a great performance. The supporting cast are all good and I really want Baek Sung Hyun to get the lead role soon because he is so good. Ji Soo has an extended cameo and his scene with Park Shin Hye is hilarious.

Overall, Doctors is an easy show but a very average drama. I like it for what it is. Light, light, romantic.


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