REVIEW: Dalja Spring (2007)

Dalja Spring is a gem. This is one of the best examples of how romantic comedy workplace dramas should be made. It was full of good feeling vibes with poignancy sprinkled all over and I wondered why I was watching it so late. It takes you to the world of Dalja and the whole series of sailing smoothly through it, with us being a part of this whole journey.

At first, the story looks like an ordinary noona romance, but it has more than that because at its core, this drama is about Dalja’s life which includes love, career, values, family and friendship. She is a 33 year old career woman, who is single but dreams of a fairy tale romance. She meets two men in her life: one is a wealthy businessman and the other is six years her junior, who works as her fake boyfriend. At one point, he must face the age-old dilemma of a secure future versus a heart. Throughout the series, we also meet his friends and family and colleagues, all of whom contribute to the creation of this gripping tale.

What I love most about Dalja’s Spring is the development and growth of each character from start to finish and how much I am attached to their lives. Very often it happens that we are only interested in the main lead and the rest is just filler for us. But in this drama, all the storylines are made efficiently and we are interested and invested in everyone. There were issues and problems but a comfortable atmosphere filled the whole show from start to finish.

Each episode has a theme but it fits the plot and there is no standalone episodic thing here. Just as the story flows, today’s topic is in it. There is a good depiction of friendship and I love that the drama manages to change my perspective on some of the characters after their first impressions: like a playboy turning out to be a rather immature and understanding person and friend, an independent woman, who feels like your usual drama antagonist, actually very kind-hearted, the witty CEO is actually kind of weird, the strict and no-nonsense boss is surprisingly caring and our Dalja looks vulnerable but very strong. I love the way everyone’s story culminates.

As much as I loved the base story, the corporate hijinks were hilarious and never bore me for even a second. I love the gripping dialogue and direction. This drama goes well and guarantees a good laugh. On a superficial note, I like that Dalja puts on makeup and nail polish for a makeover (as we are more used to heroines trying to look more innocent by wearing invisible makeup :D) The OST is one of the strong features of Dalja’s Spring starting from cheerful to romantic and melancholic. The background score is used efficiently.

Only one thing I don’t really understand clearly is Dalja’s reason for letting go of her relationship near the last episode when things were going well for her.

Chae Rim has a part brilliantly displaying the vulnerability and strength of a woman in her 30s. She is equally cute, cute, graceful and adorable. Lee Min Ki is adorable as one of dramaland’s most considerate and understanding girlfriends. She’s really sweet. The main characters have comfortable chemistry. Dalja Spring is supported by an amazing team of actors who have a great friendship with each other. Gong Hyung Jin really grew on me with natural acting, with Lee Hye Young giving a great and mature performance too. Lee Hyun Woo was also good as the second lead, which fortunately didn’t turn out to be negative. All the actors who played the parents also did a great job and I loved the way their stories were mixed with fun. A word to Jang Young Nam too, who played Lee Hyun Woo’s eccentric wife to perfection. The office staff is also very good.

In the end, Dalja Spring is different in a way that not only emphasizes romance but explores different aspects of Dalja’s life. I love how he and others learn through each other. This is a touching and fun drama. And yes, I love the illustrations at the beginning and end of each episode!!

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