REVIEW: Because This Is My First Life (2017)


Because This Is My First Life beautifully takes us down different paths of love, through three couples at the center. It is a beautiful show that touches hearts and brings smiles to faces. I recently watched it a second time and loved it again!

They both entered into a contact marriage – she wanted a place to live and he wanted a tenant and also her parents forced her to get married.

The marriage of convenience is one of my favorite tropes and it just blows me away. So choosing to watch this drama is not a difficult thing. What sets it apart is the slice of life, the earthy vibe. This show has a fresh and unpredictable treatment. The two main characters are somewhat eccentric in their own way and they bond through routine daily tasks and common interests. Ji Ho is a charming character whose strength lies in his composure. He is very instinctive and I love his monologues and thoughtful nature. Similarly, Se Hi is a straight-faced person who is caring and considerate. She is meticulous and stoic, however, as the show progresses, she exhibits subtle emotions that stay true to her personality but feel real. The two are very awkward and the chemistry between Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki is perfect. I just love watching them gradually fall in love.

The drama is contemplative and true to its simple style, subtly exploring themes of love, marriage, work, family, and friendship. Life lessons were sown from start to finish. The Graduate Reference is great fun and the soundtrack is one of the best I’ve ever heard. Each song touches a different corner of the heart.

In addition to the main couple, we meet two more couples who again portray various faces of love. Yang Ho Rang and Woo Soo Ji are good friends with our heroine and their friendship is great. Natural and realistic, heartwarming. Ho Rang has been in a relationship with Shim Won Suk for a long time. He wants to get married but he is busy making his startup a success. Soo Ji is a self-employed woman who doesn’t believe in committed love. He crosses paths with Sang Goo, Se Hi’s boss and friend. Soo Ji and Sang Goo are very different, but they make a great couple. These four characters are well written and their relationship is equally important. I like that none of the characters in the drama seem filler or uninteresting.

The show is peppered with good humour. Be it certain situations or characters (such as Ji Ho’s father Sang Goo and Bo Mi), they give a lot of laughs. There are also super cute cats, providing super cute moments. I also love Ji Ho’s interactions with his mother — very touching. The play also puts an unexpected twist on certain tropes.

Unfortunately, even with all its great qualities, the final arc of the drama is confusing and unsatisfactory. We don’t understand about the heroine’s motives and reasons which left me scratching my head. It feels as though the show is juggling this last-minute drama just to climax. So it doesn’t need to be in a perfect narrative.

Jung So Min is absolutely charming, giving off an appearance full of heart and quirkiness. Lee Min Ki gives off a relaxed, and outstanding charm in every frame. Esom is perfect as a confident woman who is also vulnerable, and Park Byung Eun has a great comic time. Kim Ga Eun and Kim Min Suk deftly display funny and emotional scenes. Special mention to Kim Byung Ok and Kim Sun Young as Ji Ho’s parents who gave a perfect performance. Kim Min Gyu as Yoon Bok Nam is adorable.


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