REVIEW: A Piece of Your Mind (2020)


A Piece Of Your Mind is like a melancholic poem. It is a drama dipped in sensitivity and sadness, but at the same time, it is also sprinkled with hope and warmth. It soothes your mind and soul. Not easy to understand, this show presents a unique combination of technology and emotion.

Jung Hae In plays Moon Ha Won, an artificial intelligence programmer who has been in love with Kim Ji Soo (Park Joo Hyun) since forever, but the love is one sided. Chae Soo Bin plays Han Seo Woo, a recording engineer. The two cross paths somehow and help each other to heal and move forward.

The show asks viewers to suspend disbelief in order to get past the central premise of a device that can think and talk like a person based solely on their voice. Based on an abstract idea, once you accept the theory, the drama immediately reveals its layers and takes through an exciting journey of unrequited love, second chances at love, dealing with grief and loss, compassion, healing, forgiveness and moving on. The show isn’t always clear or straightforward to understand, but this fact doesn’t get in the way of understanding the plot.

The vibe of this drama is full of warmth. One can feel that it was made with a lot of care and love. Every frame is beautifully shot. One becomes familiar with the various places and alleys featured in the drama — the music studio, the flyover, Eun Joo’s boarding house, the delivery address where our leaders live together. The camera lovingly captures the environment and people. The show has a relaxed pace that lets you enjoy the moment. The soulful soundtrack adds another layer to the touching story.

Moon Ha Won is a sweet, caring and caring person. His love for Ji Soo is deep and pure, especially since his love grew over the years, starting from their childhood. She had the same understanding and adoration for him, but he never fell in love with her. I love how the drama then made him understand the difference in feelings of love when it’s mutual, through his relationship with Seo Woo. Jung Hae In is so good here, his eyes say so much.

Seo Woo is a woman with a warm and beautiful heart. She has a tragic past but she is always ready to provide emotional support and understanding to those around her. It’s interesting to see that although some people might find it scary if Ha Won wanted to record Ji Soo’s voice for his device, Seo Woo understands where it’s coming from, because to them, the sound is just a piece of memory from a loved one. they want to appreciate. Chae Soo Bin gave a heartfelt and beautiful performance. He has a well-founded appeal.

Ha Won and Seo Woo are related because of Ji Soo and it’s strangely romantic to see him fall for her because of his love for Ji Soo. They bond because they share affection for Ji Soo, their relationship deepens through smooth and meaningful conversations and finds comfort through sharing their pain and understanding. I feel so giddy for their budding romance—slow, subtle and sublime. I love that both characters are so sweet and kind. Jung Hae In and Chae Soo Bin have great chemistry, the two actors shine together. Their tight hug and eye contact is very attractive.

Not only does A Piece Of Your Mind have a charming central connection, but the bonds that our lead leader has with other people are great too. Be it the honest friendship between Ha Won and Moon Soon Ho, the warmth and understanding shared between Seo Woo and Eun Joo, the affection between the residents of Eun Joo’s boarding house — Eun Joo, Seo Woo, the new tenants Jin Soo and the enigmatic Min. -Jung riddle, light and frank conversation between Soon Ho and Seo Woo. Their moments are truly precious.

Kang In Wook becomes an important part of the story as he experiences his own pain, filled with regret and jealousy over his wife’s feelings for Ha Won. Part of me was angry at him for being so rude and part of me felt sorry for the unwitting mistakes he had made in the past that led to such great tragedy. It’s a complex role and Kim Sung Kyu plays it wonderfully. I also like Soon Ho, an honest and straightforward person with a sense of humor. I love that they both find comfort in each other. Lee Ha Na gave a natural and understated appearance.

It’s sad that the drama had to be cut to 12 episodes in place of the original 16 episodes, which caused some minor hiccups during the final stretch. But never take away the beauty of the i series

This beautiful one is dreamy, surreal and lyrical.

A Piece Of Your Mind is blessed with a great supporting cast, especially Lee Sang Hee as Eun Joo and Lee Jung Eun as Kim Min Jung. There is also the role of Park Joo Hyun as Kim Ji Soo, who brings both the sadness and the sweetness of the role. The sound is very effective.

BOTTOM LINE : Watching A Piece Of Your Mind for me is like listening to the sound of raindrops with a cup of coffee. Soothing and warm.

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