Red Velvet Finished ‘Feel My Rhythm’ Promotion, Which Outfit Is The Most Beautiful?

Red Velvet Received A Lot Of Praise For Their Overly Beautiful Outfit During The ‘Feel My Rhytym’ Promotions. Wearing Specially Designed Clothes, Which Set Is The Prettiest?

Red Velvet has finished the promotion period for “Fell My Rhythm” as the main song from the album titled “The ReVe Festival 2022 — Feel My Rhythm”. In addition to performing songs with samples of classical musicians Bach, Irene cs stole the hearts of fans with amazingly beautiful outfits.

During the “Feel My Rhythm” comeback, Red Velvet was flooded with compliments for their stunning styling. Already known for its unique musical colors and diverse concepts, in the past this girl group from SM Entertainment was criticized for being a stylist’s “guinea pig” in the past.

But this time, the song with the beautiful melody “Feel My Rhythm” is complemented by Red Velvet’s no less beautiful style. With a fairytale-like concept, the five members appear in a classic yet luxurious style. Especially when they wore custom-made ballerina dresses, making Red Velvet even more like a princess.

Most netizens believe that Red Velvet has the most beautiful outfit during the “Feel My Rhythm” era. The dresses that the five members wear are custom made with great attention to detail. One of the most beautiful outfits chosen by the netters was when they appeared on ” Inkigayo ” in order to say goodbye or goodbye stage last week.

Irene’s youthful beauty and white skin are further accentuated by a sparkling black dress combined with a corset to wrap around her slender waist. Meanwhile , Seulgi is dominated by white with a corset with many straps, which is decorated so beautifully and with floral ornaments on both sides of the dress.

Joy looks like a princess with a sleeveless dress and low bun hair as well as elegant accessories that complement her beautiful and luxurious appearance at the same time. Wendy appeared with long sleeves that flared and a skirt widened to make her look taller, her hair plus white highlights and beautiful wavy braids.

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