Rebirth Reinforced Launch Date: New Pois And Weapon Change Event Unlock


The Warzone Rebirth Reinforced launch date has been scheduled for this week and includes a number of huge-scale modifications for the fan-favourite map.

While Caldera has acquired a number of complaint regarding its usual layout – a lot in connection with the complete lack of Verdansk – Rebirth Island stays a stable desire.

And this week will prove to be a massive check for enthusiasts, as Activision looks to launch the first primary map update – barring smaller occasions – since it released back in 2020.

Here’s what we realize to this point regarding the Rebirth Reinforced replace, such as the brand new POIs and locations to discover.

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Call of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone launch date has been set for Wednesday, March 23, after 4pm GMT within the UK, and 9am PDT, in North America. A cutting-edge update will want to be downloaded earlier than you could begin exploring the brand new content material, with Activision confirming big plans for the Rebirth Island map. No download size has been introduced, but there’s a very good chance that lovers will want to make extra room.

With map changes at the way, there’s a very good chance that the installation might growth beyond what’s already required. There will also be a brand new update to download in case you’re playing Vanguard, which can be located in-sport today. As mentioned above, Rebirth Reinforced is simply one a part of the new Season 2 Released release, but for many in Warzone, it will be the most interesting.

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Warzone Rebirth POIs

The top information for the ones fearful approximately all the Rebirth Reinforced map changes confirmed with the aid of Activision nowadays, there is an easy rundown of the brand new locations shared by the improvement team, that you may locate underneath:

Stronghold Revamped – Former Security Area

This location – now called Stronghold – features new systems that might shake up the island’s meta. The first is an prolonged checkpoint gate, entire with a hard and fast of garages, an administrative building, and a walkway over the principle booth. Expect to find masses of Supply Box and object spawns, as well as opportunities for near-quarters engagements. The different is a radar building (replacing the lone communications tower) on a raised round concrete platform. Towering over the security place, this comms station includes an observational deck with great sightlines out to the Base Camp and Living Quarters regions to the northeast.

New Dock POI

Over dangerous waters at the Factory and the helipad near the Control Center, two massive deliver ships have arrived. With no team in sight, Operators can explore the pinnacle and bottom decks of those ships for gadgets and Supply Boxes. One of them is just out of doors the principle Nova 6 Factory. The other is in a logo-new point of interest: Dock, which extends the concrete helipad close to the Construction Site out to the shipment vessel. Both ships can be accessed by way of walking across the gangplank, through parkour throughout delivery containers, or with the aid of flying down from nearby structures, such as cranes.

The Prison Yard, Water Tower, Redeploy Balloons

The Prison Yard has been partially reinforced and the construction substances being used on it, which may be used as cover or as structures for leaping onto the shield wall walkways. Operators can even notice a very repainted water tower with Perseus’s flags flying proudly off its facets. Those searching out top throughout the island can discover that Caldera’s Redeploy Balloons made their way to pick spots round Rebirth Island. They are functionally similar, albeit with a shorter ascender cable to properly stability how tons ground you can still cover with them across the island.

Weapon Trade

When it debuts, the Weapon Trade Station will upload a moderate variant to the cutting-edge Cash financial system in Warzone, allowing operators to alternate their present day weapon with a brand new one plus bonus gadgets.The Weapon Trade Station will display the weapon you’ll get in trade for your present day one. At certain rarities, the Weapon Trade Station will even throw in a Cash bonus and further rewards from a select pool of objects. Based on what has been shared to date, the Weapon Trade System will need to be unlocked by way of completing a Community Challenge.

Reinforced Event

New Community Challenges might be added to the sport today as a part of the Reinforced Launch. These are large obligations that invite the complete Warzone community to drop into Rebirth Island. The first Challenge could be primarily based round eliminations; If the complete network earns enough kills following the update, those who participated will robotically get hold of 25,000 XP and free up the use of Weapon Trade Stations on the island.

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