R/boyslove – Secret Crush On You – Episode 12


Kinda glad they’re masking the bullying that does go on, mainly in terms of someone who is dating someone popular, is always ridiculous and lousy. This episode made me tear up quite a chunk as it’s only a horrible element to revel in and I desire it didn’t take place. I think they did a terrific process shooting what is going on in a realistic manner: platitudes from nicely-meaning friends and the discomfort. I desire they’re able to conquer this bullying in a healthy manner! Especially Jao, because it’s surely impacting his self-esteem.

As always, the friendship organization is awesome, however they are horrible at scheme execution 😂 I wonder who without a doubt were given the vegetation for Jao. I changed into thinking T can be Touch who wanted to cheer Jao up, but it may be some other mystery admirer or just an agent of chaos who wants to throw a spanner in the works.

Nuea as Toh turned into exceptional! I had to rewatch that part because it changed into too adorable 😁

Was also in reality suitable to peer First! He’s awesome lovable as Toh-lookalike #2.

404: Day/Daisy and Intouch moments not discovered ⚠️ However, it changed into cute to see Touch inside the blue uniform for the five seconds he became on screen, but would be even lovelier to get a few progress on what’s going on with them!

The preview: I had an inkling about Kong’s deal (I knew it’d be one of the anyway)… hmm with 2 eps left I’ll must see what they’ll do with that. And my worst nightmare! Nuea in Toh’s room and things falling down/flying open… allow’s see what that turns out to be, bc I’ve been burned via fake-outs already this week and I need to research from my mistakes 😂 but something tells me Nuea wouldn’t react within the standard way anyway 👀


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