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PO Block B Expects IU’s Visit During Military Service Is Even Watched

PO Block B Expects IU’s Visit During Military Service Is Even Watched

Block B’s PO Has Been Serving His Mandatory Military Service Since March 28, But Recently A Video Interview Was Released In Which He Was Asked Which Female Artist He Is Expected To Visit While Serving In The Military.

The departure of rapper PO Block B to serve in the military since March 28 made a number of his activities in the entertainment industry to take a short break. However, recently a video interview was released in which he talked about his military service.

A video titled “PO letter to fans before joining the army (feat. IU)” was uploaded on GQ Korea’s Youtube channel on Wednesday (6/4). In the released video, PO reveals what he wanted to say to Block B members, program producers, acquaintances and fans before his military enlistment.

In particular, he attracted attention by leaving a message to IU . In his message, PO openly expressed that he wanted to get a visit from IU.

“IU, if you can come to my military base when you have time, I think it will help my military life a lot. I will say this, but I will not,” said PO

PO and IU themselves were in the drama ” Hotel Del Luna ” in 2019. There is a high possibility that the two of them are indeed friends as colleagues in the same profession who are both musicians.

However, some netizens expressed displeasure with PO’s statement about IU. They think there is no reason for IU to take care of PO’s military life because they are not that close to each other.

On the other hand, others think that the mention of PO about IU is not something to be taken too seriously. PO’s expression seems to be purely speaking to the person he admires and he hopes that his idol can visit if that is possible.

This seems normal because male celebrities who are about to enlist in the military often ask girl group members or female celebrities to visit them in the sense of being idols. Therefore, some think PO does the same thing.

Meanwhile, PO joins the Marine Corps education and training group in Ocheon-eup, Nam-gu, Pohang. It is scheduled that his discharge date is scheduled for September 27, 2023.

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