Playing The Young Version Of Lee Jung Eun, Synchronized Acting Of Shim Dal Gi In ‘Our Blues’ Becomes A Spotlight

Shim Dal Gi’s Acting Ability As The Younger Version Of Lee Jung Eun In The TvN Drama ‘Our Blues’ Is In The Spotlight. Check Out The Full Review In The Following WowKeren News.

Young actress Shim Dal Gi is greeting viewers through the tvN drama ” Our Blues “. Here, he plays the younger version of Lee Jung Eun ‘s character, Jung Eun Hui. In particular, Shim Dal Gi is attracting attention because he is considered to have excellent synchronization with his character.

Shim Dal Gi’s appearance in the first episode of “Our Blues” is quite prominent, as viewers are exposed to his high school days when he falls in love with Choi Han Su ( Kim Jae-Won ), the younger version of Cha Seung Won ‘s character.

The episode showed a sweet moment when Jung Eun Hui confessed his feelings to Choi Han Su and kissed him suddenly. This scene actually succeeded in making viewers at home happy.

In another scene, Jung Eun Hui tells her best friend, Ko Mi Ran ( Yeon Si Woo ), that Choi Han Su kissed her first. When Ko Mi Ran asked Choi Han Su the truth, Jung Eun Hui seemed afraid that her lie would be exposed.

However, Choi Han Su showed an unexpected reaction by not denying the statement. He even said, “But you like it too (that kiss).” Jung Eun Hui, who was shocked by the response, immediately fainted, making the students excited.

In this scene, his detailed acting as a high school student experiencing his first love managed to impress the audience. Especially since he also showed irregular breathing, a sharp gaze and a faint smile when he fell.

Above all, Shim Dal Gi’s various facial expressions and emotional acting make the drama richer while showing that he has merged with his character. From his bold appearance of cursing at friends who laughed at him to the moment his lie was about to be exposed, he captured the audience’s sympathy with his subtle expression of emotions.

In addition, she is also able to show the shy high school girl aspect when she is close to her first love. This aspect shows her wide spectrum of emotions, so Shim Dal Gi managed to prove himself as one of the talented actresses.

Meanwhile, “Our Blues” is an omnibus-style drama that tells the lives of various characters living on Jeju Island. This drama is attracting attention because it stars a number of big names such as Lee Byung Hun , Cha Seung Won , Shin Min A , Kim Woo Bin , Lee Jung Eun , Han Ji Min and many more.

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