Participants In ‘Be Ambitious’ Special Prologue ‘Street Man Fighter’ Praised For Having A Firm Anti-Baper Attitude


Ahead Of The Broadcast Of ‘Street Man Fighter’, Mnet Launched A Preview For The Special Prologue Before The Competition Started. Through The Footage, The Contestants Received Praise From Fans For Their Firm Attitude.

Ahead of its broadcast, Mnet recently released a lengthy preview of the prologue show ” Be Ambitious ” leading up to the premiere of the men’s dance competition program ” Street Man Fighter ” which airs later this summer. In fact, the long preview of the participants received praise from viewers who watched this event.

“Street Man Fighter” is a survival show for the male version of Mnet ‘s ” Street Woman Fighter “. This is a dance competition show that attracted great attention last year for its high-quality dance battles between some of the best dance crews in Korea.

Now, ahead of the premiere of “Street Man Fighter”, Mnet has launched the prologue program “Be Ambitious” which invites talented dancers who are not part of the famous dance crew that is active today. They still want to compete in “Street Man Fighter” to show their skills. Winners of “Be Ambitious” will be able to form their own crew and compete in “Street Man Fighter” together against other active dance crews.

In particular, “Be Ambitious” is garnering quite a bit of attention in the K-Pop community due to the selection of its competitors who are former or current K-Pop idols. Including Kino Pentagon , Noh Tae Hyun HOTSHOT , BM K.ARD , U ONF . Harry June DKB and former member Hoya INFINITE . But often when talking about K-Pop idols, especially compared to other entertainment genres, people tend to associate them with terms like “unskilled” or “unprofessional”.

In the preview of “Be Ambitious” which was released on May 20, several contestants who work as dancers or choreographers are seen commenting on other K-Pop idol contestants showing another side that their main job is not just dancing or winning. Pentagon’s Kino, for example, was seen challenging renowned K-Pop choreographer Kasper ahead of the contestants’ first mission. When chosen by Kino as the “target” competitor, Kasper commented, “Isn’t that like a battle between a teacher and his student?”

“An idol challenges someone who is a dance teacher for an idol. It’s an example of someone lower in the hierarchy openly challenging someone above them,” said another, showing their confidence.

Not only Kino, former fellow K-Pop idol contestants are showing their confidence with their bold comments. “We who used to be idols, we’re much better at dancing,” commented former ” Produce X 101 ” contestant Baek Jin . “If you want to take down an idol, make sure you don’t lose to the same idol,” commented BM KARD.

However, netizens also noticed that the K-Pop idol contestants on the show did not appear to be discouraged or intimidated by existing prejudices, but rather displayed a very confident and firm attitude. They even liked the preview without any evil editing where the contestants felt miserable or sad.

Meanwhile, the prologue special for Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter”, “Be Ambitious” will air next week on May 24 and 25, respectively. This program will bring viewers to witness the stunning performances of the contestants against the background of K-Pop idol members.


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