Park So Dam Flashes A Bright Smile, Proving It’s Getting Better After Being Diagnosed With Thyroid Cancer


Recently, Park So Dam Shared Behind-The-Scenes Photos As An MC At The 58th Baeksang Arts Awards. Her Cheerful And Refreshing Aura Makes Fans Relieved Because The Actress’s Health Condition Is Improving.

The latest news from Park So Dam who was previously diagnosed with thyroid cancer has been pinned. After a long time of not being seen on her Instagram upload activities, Park So Dam then returned to her activities after her thyroid cancer diagnosis.

After months of absence due to health problems, the actress greeted her millions of followers with a heartwarming photo taken while MCing at the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards. On his Instagram, he shared a backstage shot just before handing over the award.

It looks like Park So Dam looks stunning in her white embroidered crop top combined with a high-waisted white tulle skirt. Her appearance accentuates the natural and refreshing beauty and elegance of youth.

“Our team, I love you, thank you,” said Park So Dam showing behind the scenes during the awards ceremony. Park So Dam attended the event as a presenter and was nominated for Best Actress for her film ” Special Delivery ” where she played the main character Jang Eun Ha. However, it was Lee Hye Young who bagged the highly coveted trophy for her performance in the movie ” In Front of Your Face “.

Interestingly, this is his first public appearance after revealing his surprising health status. In December 2021, Park So Dam’s agency Artist Company shared shocking news after announcing that the actress would not be joining promotions for the new film “Special Delivery.”

This is because Park So Dam will focus on her recovery after being diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. In a statement, Artist Company explained that Park So Dam has completed surgery following the doctor’s recommendations.

During an interview with The Korea Times, the actress talked about her current status and mentioned that she had been “recovering well” at the time of the surgery. Park So Dam admitted that she was shocked and scared after learning about her health condition, adding. “But it gave me time to look back and take better care of myself, so I can work longer hours and be healthier in the future,” she said at the time.

Meanwhile, Park So Dam will be getting ready with her upcoming activities. He will appear in the new film “ Ghost ” alongside Honey Lee , Sol Kyung Gu , Park Hae Soo and more.


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