Park Jin Young Says Wonder Girls Pave Way For Stray Kids On Billboard, Netizens Disapprove


Netizens Were Not Too Happy With The Content Of Park Jin Young’s Post Which Seemed To Imply That The Wonder Girls Were The Ones Who Paved The Way For K-Pop Artists To Enter The Chart.

Netizens reacted negatively to Park Jin Young saying Wonder Girls paved the way for Stray Kids ‘ success in the United States, especially the Billboard chart. Recently, Stray Kids became the first artist under JYP Entertainment to reach #1 on the Billboard 200 chart with their album, “Oddinary”.

Following their major achievement, Park Jin Young took to his personal Instagram and congratulated the Stray Kids members. She wrote, “13 years ago when the Wonder Girls entered the main Billboard chart, we couldn’t believe it. Our Tour 50 stayed on the bus, handing out flyers… And 13 years later it was finally No. 1 on the Billboar 200. Third Korean artist to ever achieve it …So many things took my mind off… Thank you Wonder Girls and amazing for opening doors and paving the way. And all the artists and JYP team employees for fighting together during this time. And most importantly thank you Stray Kids and Stay! this is just the beginning!”

However, netizens were not too happy after seeing Park Jin Young allude to Wonder Girls’ amazing past success, and seemed to imply that the Wonder Girls were the ones who paved the way for K-Pop artists to enter the chart. In response to Park Jin Young’s post on Instagram, one netizen made a post on an online community forum entitled, “JYP is secretly insulting SM and HYBE.”

The netizen continued, “1. [Wonder Girls] was the first K-pop singer to enter the main chart [?] -> This is not true. BoA entered the 200 chart first kekeke. 2. Wonder Girls opened the door? -> This is not true. To be honest, Wonder Girls couldn’t succeed in the mainstream American music industry. Mainstream success was done by PSY and BTS ( Bangtan Boys ).”

“If entering the chart means opening the door and opening the way, then in reality Cho Yong Pil was the one who opened the door to Japan. Cho Yong Pil was the first to enter their chart. But when you ask who opened the door to the Japanese [music] industry, we all say it’s BoA or TVXQ .”

Other netizens commented on the contents of the post, “JYP’s obsession with the US is really severe. BTS is also BTS, but he made it so clear how much he must be jealous of BLACKPINK,” “JYP can put it like this he wants, but the main character of Billboard what everyone remembers is BTS and BLACKPINK,” “But after all, all Americans think BTS was the beginning of it all, kekeke.”


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