Park Hae Jin Hugs Jin Ki Joo, Peek Teaser Like Magic Show ‘From Now Showtime!’


Ahead Of The Premiere At The End Of April, MBC Released The Teaser ‘From Now Showtime!’ What’s Interesting Is Where Park Hae Jin And Jin Ki Joo Cs Are Like In A Magic Show.

Ahead of its premiere, ” From Now Showtime! ” released an interesting teaser. This time, Park Hae Jin and Jin Ki Joo cs were appearing on the stage of a magic show while introducing their characters.

Carrying the genre of comedy, mystery and fantasy, “From Now Showtime!” tells the story of a magician Cha Cha Woong (Park Hae Jin) who is popular for his magical skills when practicing magic tricks. This handsome but spicy-mouthed magician is suddenly involved in an investigation with a policewoman Go Seul Hae (Jin Ki Joo).

Although unknown to others, it turns out that Cha Cha Woong has the ability to see ghosts. Meanwhile, Go Seul Hae is interested in supernatural things even though she is a police officer. They try to solve cases together with the help of the ghosts until the relationship develops into love.

The teaser video opens with the ghost of Choi Geom ( Jung Joon Ho ) standing on stage. Then Cha Cha Woong entered from the left side, while Go Seul Hae appeared from the right. The two seemed to be fighting even though they looked harmonious like a couple, Cha Woong wore a black suit with a red shirt and Seul Hae wore a red dress.

Cha Woong shows the card as a sign that he is a magician. Then Seul Hae pulled a gun from inside her skirt, revealing herself as a cop. Then one by one the ghosts that accompanied Cha Woong appeared with witty expressions.

The three ghosts then chased Seul Hae. Cha Woong and Choi Geom sat on the audience stage while enjoying popcorn. Next, the ghosts led by Choi Geom danced on the stage.

The scene switches as the spotlight shines on Cha Woong holding Seul Hee in his arms like romantic scenes in a movie. The two of them stared at each other intensely, provoking curiosity about how their romance would develop.

Meanwhile, “From Now Showtime!” will begin airing on April 23 next. As a substitute for ” Tracer ” this will be watched every 20:40 local time.


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