One Hundred And Five Exceptional Clean Romance Films


One guiding notion in setting together’s Rotten Tomatoes’ 100 satisfactory Fresh romance films was making a list with heavy dramas and darker delights, without making it completely dour. So lighter masterpieces that suit in our exceptional romantic comedies list (see here) tended to stay over there, as we sought out films with sweep, an amorous kind of spectacle, and, most importantly, as a minimum 20 evaluations. So whether your date is hot or Häagen-Dazs, get ready to be couchlocked by using love with these a hundred nice Fresh romance films!

Critics Consensus: Jason’s Lyric is a sexually charged film whose violent streak weakens or, relying on your angle, helps the melodrama.

Synopsis: In a violent, drug-infested community in Houston, Jason (Allen Payne) dreams of something better. He works as a TV salesman… [More]

Critics Consensus: Chocolat is a charmingly mild-hearted fantasy with a lovely overall performance by using Binoche.

Synopsis: When mysterious Vianne and her toddler arrive in a tranquil French metropolis within the wintry weather of 1959, nobody should… [More]

Critics Consensus: Pretty Woman can be a yuppie fable, but the film’s slick comedy, soundtrack, and casting can overcome misgivings.

Synopsis: In this contemporary replace on Cinderella, a prostitute and a rich businessman fall difficult for one another, forming an not likely… [More]

Critics Consensus: A sugary story overstuffed with too many testimonies. Still, the forged charms.

Synopsis: Nine intertwined tales have a look at the complexities of the only emotion that connects us all: love. Among the characters explored are… [More]

Critics Consensus: There’s no longer an excessive amount of to it besides Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr, but that’s nonetheless sufficient to make this An Affair to Remember.

Synopsis: A man and a lady have a romance while on a cruise from Europe to New York. Despite being engaged… [More]

Critics Consensus: Like its winsome characters, Dirty Dancing makes use of outstanding choreography and the power of song to surmount a sequence of bold boundaries.

Synopsis: Baby (Jennifer Grey) is one listless summer time faraway from the Peace Corps. Hoping to experience her adolescents even as it lasts,… [More]

Critics Consensus: Beautifully filmed and unabashedly honest, About Time finds director Richard Curtis at his most sentimental.

Synopsis: When Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) is 21, his father (Bill Nighy) tells him a mystery: The men of their family… [More]

Critics Consensus: Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger add sturdy performances to an suddenly clever script, raising 10 Things (slightly) above typical teenager fare.

Synopsis: Kat Stratford (Julia Stiles) is lovely, smart and quite abrasive to most of her fellow young adults, meaning that she would not… [More]

Critics Consensus: Great chemistry between the leads made this a warm and charming delight.

Synopsis: Struggling boutique bookseller Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) hates Joe Fox (Tom Hanks), the proprietor of a company Foxbooks chain shop… [More]

Critics Consensus: Curious Case of Benjamin Button is an epic fable tale with wealthy storytelling subsidized by brilliant performances.

Synopsis: Born beneath uncommon instances, Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt) springs into being as an aged guy in a New Orleans nursing… [More]

Critics Consensus: Molly Ringwald offers an extraordinary performance in this candy, smart youngster comedy that takes an ancient premise and injects it with insight and wit.

Synopsis: Andie (Molly Ringwald) is an outcast at her Chicago high college, putting out both together with her older boss (Annie Potts),… [More]

Critics Consensus: Baz Luhrmann’s visible aesthetic is as divisive as it’s miles sparkling and resourceful.

Synopsis: Baz Luhrmann helped adapt this conventional Shakespearean romantic tragedy for the display screen, updating the setting to a put up-contemporary town named… [More]

Critics Consensus: Ghost offers visitors a poignant romance while mixing elements of comedy, horror, and thriller, all including as much as one of the greater enduringly watchable hits of its technology.

Synopsis: Sam Wheat (Patrick Swayze) is a banker, Molly Jensen (Demi Moore) is an artist, and the 2 are madly in… [More]

Critics Consensus: Sleepless in Seattle is a lovely conventional with a very light contact and real chemistry between the 2 leads — even if spending a whole movie aside.

Synopsis: After the death of his spouse, Sam Stanley Baldwin (Tom Hanks) moves to Seattle together with his son, Jonah (Ross Mallinger). When… [More]

Critics Consensus: A love-it-or-hate-it revel in, Moulin Rouge is all style, all giddy, over-the-pinnacle spectacle. But it’s also bold in its vision and wildly unique.

Synopsis: A party of love and creative notion takes vicinity within the notorious, gaudy and glamorous Parisian nightclub, on the cusp… [More]

Critics Consensus: Old-original without sacrificing its characters to simplicity, An Officer and a Gentleman efficiently walks the satisfactory line among sweeping romance and melodrama.

Synopsis: Zack Mayo (Richard Gere), a new member of the U.S. Navy, has a awful attitude. When he symptoms up for… [More]

Critics Consensus: A properly-crafted and visually arresting drama with a touch of whimsy.

Synopsis: Mathilde (Audrey Tautou) is instructed that her fiancé (Gaspard Ulliel) has been killed in World War I. She refuses to… [More]

Critics Consensus: Odd, touching, and specific, Punch-Drunk Love is also delightfully humorous, using Adam Sandler’s comedian character to discover the lifestyles of a lonely guy who unearths love.

Synopsis: Although prone to violent outbursts, rest room supply commercial enterprise proprietor Barry Egan (Adam Sandler) is a timid and shy guy by… [More]

Critics Consensus: Though there was controversy over the selection of casting, Zellweger’s Bridget Jones is a sympathetic, likable, funny individual, giving this romantic comedy numerous appeal.

Synopsis: At the begin of the New Year, 32-12 months-old Bridget (Renée Zellweger) makes a decision it is time to take manage of her existence… [More]

Critics Consensus: Part biopic, component love story, The Theory of Everything rises on James Marsh’s polished route and the strength of its two leads.

Synopsis: In the Sixties, Cambridge University pupil and destiny physicist Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) falls in love with fellow collegian Jane… [More]

Critics Consensus: Lars and the Real Girl could’ve so effortlessly been a one-comic story movie. But the gifted forged, a exceptional script, and course never condescends to its individual or the target audience.

Synopsis: Extremely shy Lars (Ryan Gosling) reveals it impossible to make buddies or socialize. His brother (Paul Schneider) and sister-in-law (Emily… [More]

Critics Consensus: One of the final instances Godard ought to make film paradoxes with glee, A Woman Is a Woman is a mocking, proper tribute to musicals.

Synopsis: A British narcotics agent (Mark Burns) links a woman (Patsy Ann Noble) to Mediterranean homicide and heroin…. [More]

Critics Consensus: A rom-com with the proper components, Notting Hill proves there may be not anything like a love tale properly advised — mainly while Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts are your leads.

Synopsis: William Thacker (Hugh Grant) is a London book place owner whose humdrum lifestyles is thrown into romantic turmoil whilst famous American… [More]

Critics Consensus: Jane Campion’s route is as subtle as her screenplay, and she or he gets the most out of her cast — specifically Abbie Cornish — on this understated length drama.

Synopsis: In 1818, excessive-lively younger Fanny Brawne (Abbie Cornish) reveals herself increasingly intrigued via the handsome but aloof poet John Keats… [More]

Critics Consensus: Atonement functions sturdy performances, tremendous cinematography, and a completely unique score. Featuring deft performances from James MacAvoy and Keira Knightley, it’s a a success variation of Ian McEwan’s novel.

Synopsis: This sweeping English drama, based totally at the e book by means of Ian McEwan, follows the lives of younger fans Cecilia Tallis (Keira… [More]


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