No Time to Die DVD release date confirmed for December

To say that the way many of us approach movies has changed in the last couple of years would be an understatement.

Pre-COVID, if a new blockbuster was coming out you would perhaps immediately think “great, let’s get to the cinema.” On the other hand, you might now be more inclined to contemplate the streaming or DVD release date beforehand.

Cinemas spent many months closed under lockdown but welcomed moviegoers back with restrictions in place for the safety of both staff and customers. However, not everybody feels ready to head back to the big screen just yet.

Of course, this poses a problem when a big event movie like No Time to Die is screening exclusively in cinemas upon initial release.

It’s always worth knowing how long you’ll have to wait until you can check it out at home, so let’s consider whether the No Time to Die DVD release date has already been confirmed…

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still from No Time to Die final international trailer, Universal Pictures UK, Eon Productions et al., YouTubeNo Time to Die DVD release date confirmed

Yes, No Time to Die will be released on DVD in the UK on Monday, December 20th 2021.

No Time to Die arrived in UK cinemas on Thursday, September 30th 2021. It usually takes around three months after theatrical release for a film to reach DVD, so it’s perhaps not too surprising.

It’s already available to pre-order on Amazon with Blu-ray and 4K formats also available.

The above has been regarding the UK release. In the US, on the other hand, the film didn’t land in theaters until Friday, October 8th 2021. Taking this into consideration, it may not arrive on home media there until early January 2022.

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No Time to Die | Final Trailer

13872“Coronavirus will be very bad for the film”

Concerns over how the pandemic may affect the film’s success have been no secret and producer Barbara Broccoli has optimistically weighed in during a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter: “It sounds like the Chinese authorities are doing everything they can to contain it.”

On the other hand, director Cary Joji Fukunaga has admitted: “I try not to think about the box office pressures, although right now obviously I’m very concerned about coronavirus.”

Looking back across the filmmaker’s career, the box office for his very first film – Sin Nombre – was actually affected by swine flu back in 2009. So, these concerns are echoed with No Time to Die somewhat.

In the aforementioned conversation, he added: “Obviously, you don’t want to take something lightly when people’s lives are at stake. Coronavirus will be very bad for the film.”What is it about?

It has already been confirmed that Daniel Craig will be surrendering the role after this, so you can expect a serious showstopper.

No Time to Die succeeds 2015’s Spectre and introduces audiences to Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody) as Lyutsifer Safin, the latest Bond antagonist destined to become iconic.

He is equipped with a terrifying new technology and the threat he poses across the globe has Bond compelled to end his retirement and sabotage the villain’s evil plans.

No Time to Die is now screening in UK cinemas.

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