No BLACKPINK Lisa, List Of 30 Most Followed Korean Artists On IG Triggers Debate

Recently OP Listed 30 Korean Artists With The Most Followers On Instagram. This List Sparked Debate Because It Did Not Include BLACKPINK’s Lisa From Thailand.

Almost all Korean artists use Instagram. The number of their followers is also different, according to the popularity of each.

Recently OP listed 30 Korean artists with the most followers on Instagram. Here is the list:

2.BTS ( Bangtan Boys )
8.Jimin BTS
12.RM ( Rap Monster )
13.Lee Min Ho
14.Cha Eunwoo
17.Jung Ho Yeon
20.Lee Jong Suk
22.Park Seo Joon
24.Stray Kids
25.Ji Chang Wook
26Tae Yeon
27.Nam Joo Hyuk
From the list above, Jennie is the Korean artist with the highest number of followers, followed by the official accounts of BTS, Jisoo and Rose. The BTS members dominate the top 10, even though it was only December 2021 that they joined Instagram.

However, this list sparked debate because it did not include BLACKPINK ‘s Lisa . Even though she comes from Thailand, Lisa is better known as a Korean artist because of her achievements in that country.

If Lisa is included, she will be the Korean artist with the most followers on Instagram. Until this news was made, the number of followers of the idol reached more than 76.3 million.

“Doesn’t Lisa have the most followers? Is this just a list of domestic celebs?” netizen comments. “It’s strange that Lisa is eliminated and Rose is included,” added another netizen.

“Rose has dual citizenship and she has Korean citizenship, so of course she has to be included. I say this because there are comments asking about it,” said another.

“Why add Lisa to this list? Lisa is a foreigner and she is not popular with the public in Korea, the reason she has the most followers among BLACKPINK members is because she has a lot of Thai and Southeast Asian fans,” concluded another.

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