New Warzone Rebirth Island Strengthened Map: Pois, Release Date, Functions

Rebirth Island as we know it’s miles getting a primary revamp along Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded. Raven announced changes so that it will shake up the map by way of introducing new POIs like Stronghold and Docks.

Warzone gamers were enjoying what Rebirth Island has to offer for the reason that start of Warzone Season 2. It appears every day a Warzone seasoned is checking out a brand-new Rebirth Island loadout which speaks to the map’s popularity among casual and seasoned players alike.

With Warzone Season 2 Reloaded right across the nook, Raven showed the appearance of Rebirth Island Reinforced, a made over version of Rebirth Island.

Here’s what you want to recognize approximately Rebirth Island Reinforced inclusive of the discharge date, new POIs, and new features.

  • Rebirth Reinforced release date
  • Rebirth Reinforced new POIs
  • Rebirth Reinforced capabilities
  • Rebirth Reinforced modes

Rebirth Reinforced launch date

The devs have said that the new Rebirth Island map will arrive on March 23 with the Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded update. Expect the replace to go stay at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 4 PM GMT on all systems.

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When Warzone Season 2’s roadmap turned into released prior to the brand new season’s principal replace, Rebirth Island fanatics had been attracted to the point out of map changes and it looks as if the wait is sort of over. Rebirth Reinforced new POIs

Thanks to Beenox and Raven Software, players will receive an updated model of Rebirth Island. The devs have used participant comments to tweak the Rebirth map and there are bound to be a few interesting new POI additions.Rebirth Reinforced Stronghold POI

What Rebirth Island fanatics knew as Security on the southern tip of the island will soon be known as Stronghold. The new POI appears to have a long street that leads up to a fort-like constructing and is the reason the call Stronghold.

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Given how remoted the area is and the way there’s really most effective one manner to attain the rear function, it will in all likelihood show to be a hard location to infiltrate. On the flip aspect, the energy positions should prove to be extremely good as enemies funnel up the stretched road to attain you. Rebirth Reinforced Docks POI

Another exciting addition is the inclusion of the Docks POI. Although Rebirth Island had a Dockside place, we are able to clearly see that Rebirth Reinforced has a vital Docks POI at the West facet of the map.

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Of path, the standout feature of this new POI is a huge boat that would be visible at the picture of the map. Interestingly enough an same boat can also be located at the East facet of the map close to the Factory POI.

Aside from new POIs, players could expect numerous cosmetic adjustments, “Head to the principle Prison Yard to peer it partly strengthened and the development substances being used on it, which can be used as cover or as structures for jumping onto the protect wall walkways.”Rebirth Reinforced featuresWeapon Trading Station

One of the most exciting changes coming to Rebirth Reinforced is the addition of the Weapon Trading Station. These stations are similar to shop for stations however rather of buying gadgets like gas mask with a greenback amount players may be able to use their weapons as forex. 

Essentially you’ll be able to alternate guns for objects like Self-Revives, Gas Masks, and so forth. This precise feature can even make its manner to Caldera later this year, “Weapon Trade Stations allow an Operator to surrender their weapon in change for certainly one of lesser exceptional plus additional items, relying at the original weapon’s rarity.Redeploy Balloons

By now, maximum Warzone players are acquainted with Redeploy Balloons way to Caldera and that they’ll be making their manner to Rebirth Reinforced as nicely. We already recognise that Redeploy Balloons are super equipment for repositioning throughout the map.

With the prison island being so small it will be exciting to be aware how they’re utilized in comparison to the massive battlefield of Caldera, “with a shorter ascender cable to properly stability how an awful lot floor you will cowl with them throughout the island.”Rebirth Reinforced modes

Rebirth variations of Payload and Blood Money may be coming to Rebirth Island because the devs accept as true with it’s an excellent match for the small map. Blood Money is a Plunder-like mode that provides gamers with “a full-size payout for Kills even supposing their goal has little to no cash on them”. that is probable going to be a incredible mode for grinding weapon tiers.

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Meanwhile, the Payload mode will project gamers with either escorting or trying to prevent an armored truck on Rebirth Island. Players might be split up into two 12 vs 12 groups so as to complete the objective.

Finally, players may also get hold of Rebirth Resurgence Solos if you want to permit them to check their talent alone. “In this Solo variation, Operators could have their Rebirth meter already activated. This approach they’ll have a unfastened lifestyles earlier than desiring to earn score for additional respawns”

At the begin of Warzone Season 2 Reloaded, gamers may be dealt with with the Rebirth Reinforced Event. You can have the danger to earn a Legendary LMG Blueprint, a ton of XP, and more new features. One of those features is the formerly referred to Weapon Trade Stations on the way to be lively for the duration of the Rebirth Reinforced Event.

The devs have promised Community Challenges that gamers will paintings towards, “The first of those is just earning kills at the island. If the complete community earns sufficient kills following the update, people who participated will robotically get hold of 25,000 XP and unlock the usage of Weapon Trade Stations at the island.”

That’s approximately everything we realize about the new Rebirth Reinforced map arriving with the Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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