NCT Dream Asked About SM Entertainment Acquisition, Got Secret Leaks?


Lee Yong Jin Alluded To The Rumors Circulating That SM Entertainment Was Acquired By Kakao Or CJ. He Asked If NCT Dream Knew The Leak. They Burst Out Laughing.

On April 2, NCT Dream members Mark Lee , Haechan , and Jeno appeared as guests on Studio Waffle’s web series, “TurKids on the Block.” Here, they were asked about the acquisition of SM Entertainment, a topic that made many people curious.

On this day, while introducing themselves to viewers, the NCT Dream members for the first time found out that “TurKids on the Block” MC Lee Yong Jin was actually part of SM C&C, and thus became labelmates. The members also couldn’t stop laughing at all the jokes and comments made by the MCs.

After the introduction, Lee Yong Jin interviewed NCT Dream with a question that personally made him curious. He asked, “Have you guys made a lot of money?” To this, Haechan replied, “We haven’t earned much.” Mark also pondered, “Is there a standard for this question?”

Lee Yong Jin answered Mark by giving an example, he said, “If I were an idol, I might want to drive around Seoul in a nice European sports car, wearing a luxurious European watch on my wrist. How do you guys spend your earnings?”

Jeno said, “I saved most of it. I want to be able to buy a house in the future.” Haechan replied, “I’m also saving money, but from time to time I also indulge in electronics and appliances.” Hearing this, Lee Yong Jin observed, “You guys are very good at answering questions that may be difficult or sensitive.” Haechan nodded, saying, “Questions like this are more fun.”

This prompted Lee Yong Jin to lean forward, asking, “So, you guys are ready to give me an answer to any question I ask, no matter how sensitive the topic is?”

When the NCT Dream members nodded, Lee Yong Jin suddenly said, “There are rumors circulating that SM Entertainment was acquired by Kakao or CJ. Do you know what happened to that?” NCT Dream burst out laughing and commented, “We don’t know. We’re curious too.”

Lee Yong Jin added, “As colleagues from the same agency, let’s be honest from heart to heart about this.” Jeno then shared, “We were also curious about this, so we asked some high-ranking officials we knew. But they didn’t know what was going on either.”


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