Nathicharami: A Bold Film That Explores A Widow’s Sexuality


Nathicharami is a bold tackle girl desire. In Sandalwood, wherein lady’s sexuality is still a taboo, Nathicharami comes out as innovative and well timed.

The movie set in Bengaluru makes a speciality of the protagonist’s warfare between preference and societal beliefs. It explores the nuances of intercourse and sexuality of both sexes, weaving in characters from exclusive social backgrounds to provide it a social context.

The name is a phrase from the Hindu marriage vow roughly translating to “I promise to stand by way of you”, is thoughtful as it is the source of all dilemma within the tale.

Directed with the aid of National-award winning Mansore, and scripted via Sandhya Rani, the movie explores exciting dimensions of relationships too.

It is the story of a young widow Gowri (Sruthi Hariharan), a successful IT expert, who battles loneliness and choice after the dying of her husband Mahesh (Poornachandra Mysore), in an twist of fate.

The surprising loss of her husband banishes her into an alley of loneliness— physical, emotional and sexual deprivation. But is she seeking simplest intercourse, or some thing past sex? Is it a look for her lost self — the one torn among a marriage vow of closing loyal to her husband in lifestyles as in loss of life, and the a part of her that craves for liberation as an man or woman free from the luggage of guilt as she moves on.

As she oscillates between predefined notions of morality and choice, cautious of unwanted sympathy, attention, advice and sexual advances at workplace, and parental stress to get married again, She seeks expert assist.

On a friend’s recommendation, Gowri visits a psychiatrist Dr Carvaloh (Balaji Manohar) who counsels her to accept intercourse as a fundamental human need. The story takes a bold bounce as Gowri is at the pursuit of a man who can provide her intercourse with none commitment. After initial hitches, she in the end meets Suresh (Sanchari Vijay), an overambitious civil engineer, who is sad in his marriage.

The narration is simple. The movie maker makes use of the constant interaction of mild and darkness to exchange among the real world and the emotional global one tends to preserve below wraps.

The maid (Shwetha Srinivas) and the ignored wife (Sharanya) unleash a sea of questions dealing with the lives of regular ladies and the harsh realities of relationships.

Refreshingly, the film touches upon the concept of consent even as it explores girl preference. The scene in which the left out wife in the end rebels towards her unaffectionate husband and refuses him intercourse, mocks on the sexual act that will become a trifling ritual sans love and consent in marriage.

The narration is metaphorical too. The vegetation Gowri selections up regular with out fail, to area it earlier than her husband’s portrait, is a ticker to her wavering feelings, much like her obsessive behaviour of maintaining the sofa cushions and the ash-tray the way her husband favored it. They communicate of her intellectual kingdom, as anchored to a time and space within the beyond.

The film produced by Ramesh Reddy and launched below the banner of Tejaswini Enterprises has been well edited via Nagendra K Ujjani, and Guruprasad Narnad’s cinematography is ideal too.

Nathicharami is a idea-provoking film, sluggish-paced, but attractive.

Cast: Sruthi Hariharan, Poornachandra Mysore, Sanchari Vijay, Saranya Ponvannan


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