Naked Truth (2022) – Keep warming up post-Valentine’s couples


As a film released on the occasion of Valentine’s Day 14.02, Naked Truth is proving its irresistible attraction at the box office with continuously filled screenings. As a Valentine’s Day gift, Naked Truth presents fans with a new set of photos with “nothing but beauty” of the main cast.

Naked Truth is a novel and daring dish just enough for Vietnamese audiences – especially young people – through a story about friendship, love, and early married life. The work exploits the dark side of marriage with the problem of domestic violence through the husband and wife relationship of Camy (Bao Anh) and Dang Minh (Quoc Truong). At the cinema, Naked Truth is proving its irresistible charm when the number of screenings has increased by 45% compared to the first day, and the screening rooms are constantly being filled.

With beautiful frames, hot footage and emotional content, Naked Truth is a great choice for moviegoers on Valentine’s Day. Quoc Truong was excited when the film was released on Valentine’s Day because right from the first days of filming, he thought this was the perfect time. “It is a coincidence that after many delays, the final release schedule of Naked Truth is exactly as it should be. Quoc Truong thinks the story in the film is very suitable for couples to watch and learn lessons for themselves ” – the actor shared.

Bao Anh thinks that releasing a film with a violent theme on Valentine’s Day may sound inappropriate, but it is actually very relevant. “ Somewhere in today’s society, there are people who hurt each other in the name of love. Bao Anh thinks that after watching the movie, everyone can look back to understand what true love is like? – Bao Anh confided.

As a Valentine’s Day gift, Naked Truth sent fans a set of “nothing but beautiful” pictures of the main cast. Forgetting the shocking scenes of violence, Bao Anh and Quoc Truong continued to show explosive chemistry in this set.Naked Truth premieres February 11, 2022.


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