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Na Eun’s Open Letter Proves That She Is Sad After Officially Leaving Apink

Na Eun’s Open Letter Proves That She Is Sad After Officially Leaving Apink

Surprisingly, The News Came From Apink Member Na Eun, Who Was Reported To Have Officially Left The Group On April 8. For This, The Idol Made An Open Letter In Handwriting As A Farewell And Thank You Te

The news of Na Eun ‘s departure from Apink left a number of concerns for fans. How not, recently Apink was seen making a comeback through the song “Dilemma”.

No one expected that Na Eun would choose to leave the group she had been with for several years. For this, Na Eun also wrote an open letter to her fans via her personal Instagram.

“Hello, this is Son Na Eun. How do I tell this story? I’ve thought a lot, and now I’m writing this. Even now, I’m very nervous,” Na Eun wrote in handwriting which was uploaded in the form of a photo on Friday (8/4). ).

Apink, who has been with me for the past 11 years. I have to go. Apink is like a family that has been together for a long time. It was a difficult decision after much deliberation. It wasn’t an easy decision, but now I’m making it up. To become another panda to support whatever Apink does,” said Na Eun.

“Members of Chorong , Bomi , Eun Ji , Namjoo , Hayoung . From the beginning of A Pink including the IST Entertainment office until now. With so many people working hard, and with the most valuable fans, looking back on the past and memories, I feel the present , “he wrote with a deep sense of sadness.

In her letter, Na Eun said that she was speechless. “I can’t put into words how I feel, but… Whoever it was who made my 10s and 20s the most dazzling, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who gave me such a great time. I want to say thank you for everything, ” said Na Eun in her letter.

“A Pink’s name is Son Na Eun. Engraving it on my heart so that I won’t be ashamed of that name. Showing me a better side is what I can pay for. I think that’s the way. Love Apink so much. I will also sincerely support you. As far as This is Apink’s Son Na Eun!” he said later.

Meanwhile, reports from entertainment industry officials revealed that the reason Na Eun left the group was because she could no longer participate in Apink’s activities due to frequent scheduling conflicts. This is certainly very surprising for fans considering that Na Eun had previously participated in Apink’s comeback in 2022 even though she did not participate in promotions.

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