Music, Acting, To Variety Shows, This Is The Income That Jaemin Collects NCT DREAM

Jaemin Has Been Named The Most Famous NCT Dream Member. In The Poll Asking Who Is The Bias In NCT DREAM, Jaemin Is In First Place With 236,008 Votes.

Jaemin is known as one of the most popular NCT members , especially in NCT Dream, and he is currently gaining popularity in South Korea and internationally. The singer of “Glitch Mode” is the main dancer, sub rapper, sub vocalist, and visual.

Not only is Jaemin an idol, but he’s also an actor! This NCT DREAM member made his acting debut in April 2019 through the web drama ” Method to Hate You. ” In KProfiles, Jaemin was named the most famous NCT Dream member. In the poll asking who is the bias in NCT DREAM, Jaemin is in first place with 236,008 votes.

With his solo activities and work with NCT DREAM, it’s no surprise that Jaemin has made quite a net worth for himself. According to AllFamousBirthday.Com, Jaemin has a net worth of $1.5 million.

Jaemin officially debuted as a member of NCT DREAM in 2016. He made several pre-debut appearances as an SM Entertainment trainee before that. He appeared in “EXO 90:2014” and was a cast member of “The Mickey Mouse Club” before his debut.

In 2018, Jaemin made his first solo variety show appearance. The idol was a cast member for the tvN show “ My English Teen 100 Hours. ” There, he was assigned to study seven hours of English every day for two weeks. The casts were then sent overseas to test their English skills.

In 2019, Jaemin made his acting debut as the male lead Han Dae Gang in the JTBC web drama “Method to Hate You.” That same year, Jaemin appeared on the game variety show “ Do You Want to Play? GG, ” where celebrities team up with high school students to play games.

In October 2020, Jaemin made his debut as a member of NCT U with “Make a Wish (Birthday Song).” In October 2021, Jaemin appeared on the cover of WWD Korea magazine. The idol began writing songs together for NCT DREAM in 2018. For “We Go Up” in 2018, Jaemin co-wrote “Dear Dream” with Jisung , Jeno , and Mark Lee .

In 2019, Jaemin co-wrote “119,” “Bye My First…,” and “Best Friend” for “We Boom.” In 2020, he co-wrote “Puzzle Piece” for “Reload.” In 2021, Jaemin helped write “Rainbow” for “Hot Sauce.” In 2020, the male idol helped write “It’s Yours” and “Never Goodbye” for “Glitch Mode.”

These activities, combined with his work as a member of NCT, helped shape Jaemin’s net worth to what he is today.

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