[MOVIE REVIEW] Sicario, A Mesmerizing and Gripping Dish From Villeneuve


Without further ado, a film in 2015 was able to attract the attention of moviegoers with its heavy, gripping and captivating plot, namely Sicario, a work by Canadian director Denis Villeneuve. Although some fans of his work would have known that Villeneuve was working on Sicario, this film is not a mainstream film that is able to attract the attention of the general public.

Only after it was released, Sicario was able to become the subject of everyone’s talk. Centered on the character Kate (Emily Blunt), an FBI field agent who gets into the maelstrom of the US-Mexico narcotics cartel hunt with agent Matt (Josh Brolin) and is assisted by agent Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro). The deeper the hunt goes, the more Kate sees that her world is a world of gray, there is no black or white, all wrong and all right. This film tells if everyone does everything to get the ‘truth’ for him.

In terms of acting, Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin, and Benicio Del Toro, are able to bring us to explore their respective characters. Especially Del Toro, arguably if his acting in Sicario is one of the best and most powerful performances of his career. Likewise with Emily Blunt, who is able to display the confusion of a ‘rookie’ who excels in a harsh and dark world and transforms to strengthen himself.

On the other hand, Roger Deakin and Villeneuve still maintain their deep and beautiful “long shot” characteristics. The arid and dark tone also deepens the nuances of the deserts of Mexico and Arizona which dramatically make us get carried away. And most importantly, it’s not a good cop-bad cop movie if there is no shooting scene, then you will be presented with epic shooting scenes, which we rarely see in recent years.

Rating 4.5 out of 5 the author considers very worthy of this film. Villeneuve with his genius is able to present a strong, tense story. Villeneuve also manages to build a plot of conflict and politics that surrounds the core of the story, and is able to make us amazed as well as feeling hopeless with the main topic in this film, namely ‘what is the true meaning of truth?’ . In the end, it’s no exaggeration if Sicario is pinned as one of the best and most solid films in its genre.


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