“Moon knight”: Oscar’s stunt double Isaac is his brother


The series never ceases to amaze fans. Oscar’s brother Isaac revealed how he helped him create the complicated role, his role as a stunt double, and his transformation.

“Moon knight” showed the other face of the MCU after its premiere on Disney Plus. There’s no doubt that Oscar Isaac has been one of the studio’s best additions in a long time, but his success is also due to his brother, Michael Benjamin Hernandez, who helped prepare his demanding role.

In an interview for Marvel.com, Hernandez revealed that she was his stunt double for various moments in the series. His involvement was so well received during filming that the producers gave him a code name: Mork Sphincter.

“If Oscar was playing Marc at the time, I was playing Steven opposite him. Then we would switch, he would play Steven and I would play Marc. It involved me being on set with him doing the scenes, or a headset, where I would give him the lines. So depending on how they filmed it, he would be really there on the scene or off camera, ”he told the outlet.

After this, he detailed what the process of undergoing face molding and wearing a false nose designed with the aim of resembling Oscar Isaac was like. A transformation that has gone unnoticed by several fans to date.

“It was a strange mutated abomination of Marc with a fake nose. We even thought of fake chin and cheek parts. But then we established that if we were going to shoot behind my shoulder, the nose was the prominent piece to get. And that made it seem like it was Oscar that was there,” he detailed.

What is “Moon knight” about?
The series tells us how Steven Grant, a museum worker, struggles with a dissociative identity disorder. His other personality, Marc Spector, is the avatar of Khonshu who tries to prevent the awakening of the fearsome Ammyt.


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