Miracle: Letters to President (2021)


A young genius lives in an area that has no road to access transportation. In the village there are only railroads. If you want to travel, the residents there have to walk along it with a considerable distance and of course high risk. The young man’s name is Joon Kyung.

Surviving the situation, Joon Kyung does not give up on writing to the president asking the country’s leader to make a road for them, at least to build a station closest to the settlement.

Joon Kyung has personal reasons why he stands by his goals; a personal and emotional reason. Will Joon Kyung be able to make his wish come true? Check out the synopsis and review of Miracle: Letters to President (2021) below!

Little Joon Kyung made her older sister because she won the provincial level Mathematics competition. On the way home with the other train passengers, Joon Kyung and his brother have to go down the tracks.

As they walked over the rail bridge, the sound of a train came from behind. The other Joon-kyungs rush towards the patch of wood that lies on the edge of the rails to escape.

A few years later Joon Kyung ( Park Jeong Min ) grows up as a young man who seems to regularly write to the president. The letter he wrote this time was the 54th letter.

The letter contained a complaint that in his village there were no roads for cars and only railroad tracks but also no stations. To travel, the villagers have to walk along the rails to the nearest station, Seungbu Station.

Joon Kyung has to go through three tunnels and three bridges to get to Seungbu Station. Villagers can avoid passenger trains because they are scheduled but not freight trains. There are many people who died in tunnels or bridges as a result of this.

If they want to travel, Joon Kyung and his older sister have to leave early in the morning, following the rails every day. That day, Joon Kyung’s first day of high school, they also did the same thing.

Arriving at the station, Bo Kyung ( Lee Soo Kyung ), Joon Kyung’s older brother greets their father, Tae Yoon (Lee Sung Min), who works as a machinist.

He sent a letter to the president not because he objected to the two-hour commute to school, but was concerned about the safety of the other villagers. In his letter, Joon Kyung asks the president to build a road to the station for them.

Due to the long journey, Joon Kyung is late. He came when the principal had already given a speech at the welcoming ceremony for new students.

His arrival on a bicycle attracts the attention of the students, including Song Ra Hee (Im Yoon Ah). Moreover, his behavior is also considered strange because Joon Kyung sometimes chooses a standing position in a row based on his height.

At Yeongju Station, three residents were seen discussing with the station staff. The officer said he did not ask for a road to Wongok Station because Seungbu Station and Buncheon Station could be closed due to lack of passengers. The officer was even asked to make a new station.

He wanted to keep Seungbu Station but the people wanted a new station. The officer still wants to fight to defend Seungbu Station.

News of the possible closure of Seungbu Station was heard by Joon Kyung from residents who were also traveling that day. Joon Kyung, who was headed to Yeongju Station, was suddenly asked to take the child of one of his brother’s acquaintances to school.

The little girl managed to make Joon Kyung late. The time left for Joon Kyung to complete the questions given is only five minutes, but Joon Kyung quickly and easily fills in the questions, making his teacher Kim Yong Hwan (Jung Moon Sung) quite surprised.

Ra Hee seems to be starting to realize Joon Kyung’s genius. He tells this to his friend, Kim Gwang Ja (Oh Gyeong Hwa). From that day on, Ra Hee began to notice Joon Kyung but instead confidently accused Joon Kyung of liking her.

Soon Tae Yoon’s birthday, Bo Kyung invites Joon Kyung to buy gifts for their father but the young man is not enthusiastic.

The next day, when she returns to school, Ra Hee sees Joon Kyung putting a letter in the mailbox. He suspects Joon Kyung has a girlfriend. Intrigued by this, Ra Hee rummages through Joon Kyung’s bag secretly.

In a different place, Joon Kyung is asked to read the abstract of his teacher friend’s doctoral dissertation. Joon Kyung is considered smart because he has read all the books in the library. Meanwhile Ra Hee finds a letter in Joon Kyung’s bag. The letter is again for the president.

Without hesitation, Ra Hee opened and read the letter. Joon Kyung caught the incident. So what will Joon Kyung do to Ra Hee? Will the letter that Joon Kyung sent reach the president?

Genius Youth Struggle to Build Station
Miracle: Letters to President (2021) is a film based on the true story of a family who lives in an area without adequate road access in North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. It stars Park Jeong Min, Lee Sung Min, Lee Soo Kyung and Im Yoon Ah. From the first minute the film starts, dramatic scenes are immediately presented.

Your attention will be immediately drawn to the scene when Joon Kyung, the main character, who has just returned from winning a Math competition, walks down the tracks with his older sister and neighbors. He and the neighbors were pressed for time because behind them was a freight train speeding by.

The scene, which only lasts a few minutes, seems to instantly summarize all the anxiety that this film wants to convey, namely a struggle to survive while traveling.


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