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Doctor Who is a British science fiction tv programme produced with the aid of the BBC. As of one January 2022, 869 episodes of Doctor Who have aired, concluding the 13th series. This includes one tv film and a couple of specials, and encompasses 298 tales over 39 seasons, beginning in 1963. Additionally, 4 charity specials and lively serials have additionally been aired. The programme’s high episode count has resulted in Doctor Who holding the world file for the very best quantity of episodes of a technology-fiction programme.[1] In May 2017, it turned into announced that BBC Worldwide offered the right of refusal on destiny collection of the programme till and consisting of collection 15 in China.[2][3]

Doctor Who ceased production in 1989, then resumed in 2005. The unique series (1963–1989), typically consists of multi-episode serials. The 2005 revival trades the earlier serial layout for a run of self-contained episodes, interspersed with occasional multi-component memories and established into loose tale arcs.

The tale numbers below are intended as a guide to placement inside the basic context of the programme.[4] There is some dispute, as an example, approximately whether to count Season 23’s The Trial of a Time Lord as one or as four serials,[5] and whether the incomplete serial Shada should be covered.[6] The numbering scheme on this listing follows the reliable website’s episode guide.[4] Other sources, along with the Region 1 traditional Doctor Who DVD releases, use specific numbering schemes, which diverge after the 108th story, The Horns of Nimon (1979–1980).Series review[edit]

The following table dictates the season or collection in query for the programme as an entire.Regular seasons[edit]Specials[edit]Notes[edit]^ The First Doctor remained for the primary serials of season four. The Second Doctor featured for the the rest of the season from the 1/3 serial, The Power of the Daleks.^ Also regarded by its subtitle, The Key to Time.^Shada became left unfinished due to a strike. The story was later completed and officially launched on home media in 2017. The voices of the authentic actors with new animation become incorporated to bridge the gaps between the recorded live-motion segments. It isn’t always covered inside the episode or story counts as it changed into not broadcast.^ The Fifth Doctor regenerated within the 6th serial of season 21. The Sixth Doctor featured most effective within the final serial, The Twin Dilemma.^ A alternate in transmission layout for this season most effective as episodes have been 45 minutes rather than the usual 23 minutes. Thus a conventional 4-component tale become transmitted in 2 components.^ Also known by means of its subtitle, The Trial of a Time Lord.^ Also regarded with the aid of its subtitle, Flux.^ These specials consist of the 2008 Christmas, 2009 Easter, 2009 November and the 2009–10 Christmas/New Year’s Day episodes.^ These specials consist of the fiftieth Anniversary and 2013 Christmas episodes.^ This episode become the primary episode of the twelfth collection, and for that reason not a unique aired outdoor of a chain, however it become aired out of doors of the respective collection’ traditional timeslot to air deliberately on New Year’s Day.^ These specials encompass the 2022 New Year’s Day episode, an early 2022 unique, and a late 2022 unique for the BBC’s centenary celebrations.[7]Episodes[edit]Ninth Doctor[edit]

In 2005, the BBC relaunched Doctor Who after a fifteen-12 months absence from episodic television, with Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner, and Mal Young as executive manufacturers, Phil Collinson as manufacturer, and Christopher Eccleston taking the lead function of the Ninth Doctor.

The revival is a continuation of the original series. The new series is formatted to a 16:9 widescreen show ratio, and a widespread episode duration of 45 mins. For the first time for the reason that 1965–1966 season, every episode has a identify, and most stand on my own as entire tales. The display also back to its traditional Saturday night slot.Series 1 (2005)[edit]

The 2005 collection constitutes a loose tale arc, coping with the results of the Time War and the mysterious Bad Wolf.Tenth Doctor[edit]

The Tenth Doctor turned into portrayed through David Tennant, who turned into solid earlier than the first collection aired.[9]Series 2 (2006)[edit]

The again-story for the spin-off collection Torchwood is “seeded” in diverse episodes inside the 2006 collection. Each episode also has an accompanying on line Tardisode.Series three (2007)[edit]

This collection introduces Martha Jones and deals with the Face of Boe’s very last message, the mysterious Mr. Saxon, and the Doctor coping with the lack of Rose Tyler.Series four (2008)[edit]

This series explores the coincidences binding the Doctor and Donna together. There is likewise the loose story arc of the planets disappearing and bees also disappearing.Specials (2008–2010)[edit]

The specials consciousness on the “4 knocks” and the loss of life of the Tenth Doctor. From “Planet of the Dead”, episodes had been filmed in HD.[10]Eleventh Doctor[edit]

The Eleventh Doctor become portrayed through Matt Smith. Steven Moffat took over as showrunner from the 5th collection.Series 5 (2010)[edit]

This series offers with cracks spreading at some point of time, the Pandorica and the Silence which is stated in diverse episodes.Series 6 (2011)[edit]

The series centres on River Song’s relation to the Doctor, the Doctor’s “loss of life” and discovering what the Silence is. The authentic transmission of collection 6 was cut up into components, with the first seven episodes airing April to June 2011 and the final six from past due August to October 2011.Series 7 (2012–2013)[edit]

Series 7 began with 5 episodes and a Christmas unique in overdue 2012, accompanied by way of eight episodes in 2013. The series handled the go out of the Ponds, the Great Intelligence and the mystery of Clara Oswald, the impossible girl.Specials (2013)[edit]

The specials awareness on diverse incarnations of the Doctor, together with the go back of the Tenth Doctor and the display of the War Doctor and his movements for the duration of the Time War.Twelfth Doctor[edit]

The Twelfth Doctor become portrayed by using Peter Capaldi.Series 8 (2014)[edit]

For series 8 to ten, the episode be counted became decreased from 13 to 12. This series treated the thriller identity of the man or woman “Missy” and the thriller around “The Promised Land”.Series 9 (2015)[edit]

This collection treated the results of the Doctor and Clara’s courting, and the Doctor’s confession approximately the Hybrid.Series 10 (2017)[edit]

This collection treated the thriller of the vault and the Doctor’s oath, later exploring the Doctor and Missy’s courting, and the possibility of Missy “turning top”. This season introduces Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) and Nardole (Matt Lucas) because the Doctor’s companions.Thirteenth Doctor[edit]

The Thirteenth Doctor is portrayed by Jodie Whittaker.[eleven] Chris Chibnall took over as showrunner from the 11th collection.Series eleven (2018)[edit]

For collection 11, the episode depend became reduced from twelve to 10 with each episode having a ten minute boom in run time. The Thirteenth Doctor first of all searches for her lost TARDIS, inadvertently bringing her partners together with her on her travels, who ponder returning to their lives however determine to continue travelling. The collection additionally deals with grief. This collection additionally saw the time slot exchange to Sunday.Series 12 (2020)[edit]

This collection offers with a new incarnation of the Master, the go back of Jack Harkness, the advent of an unknown incarnation of the Doctor who existed at some point earlier than the Time War, and the “lone Cyberman”, while following the destruction of Gallifrey and the secret of the Timeless Child. The unique marked the ultimate regular look of Graham and Ryan.Series thirteen (2021)[edit]

Entitled Flux, this collection, which consists of a single tale arc, deals with a universe-finishing anomaly known as the “Flux”, which brings numerous enemies together in an try to take over Earth, whilst also presenting the Division that turned into delivered inside the 12th series.[12][13] It introduces Dan Lewis (John Bishop) as a new companion.Specials (2022)[edit]

Series 13 is followed by 3 specials in 2022, the primary of which turned into broadcast on New Year’s Day 2022, with every other later in early 2022. Whittaker’s final function-length unique, wherein the Thirteenth Doctor will regenerate, will transmit in late 2022 as a part of the BBC’s Centenary celebrations.[7] The specials loosely preserve from Flux, and address Yaz and the Doctor’s courting.Future[edit]


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