Line Up To Be The Main Role, This Is The Reason Na In Woo Is Starring In The Drama ‘Jinxed At First’


The Drama ‘Jinxed At First’ Which Airs On KBS TV Has Added To The List Of Views That Viewers Will Anticipate. For This, Na In Woo As The Main Actor Has A Reason Why He Wants To Star In This Drama.

The latest drama from Na In Woo which will soon air ” Jinxed at First ” is now widely discussed. The reason is, this will be the actor’s new drama with SNSD ‘s Seohyun ( Girls’ Generation ).

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Jinxed at First” follows a fantasy romance drama about what happens when an unlucky and ill-fated man meets a goddess of fortune. The goddess of fortune jumps into an unknown place to undo the curse even though it has been hidden by a chaebol family.

In this drama, Na In Woo will play the fishmonger Seodong Gong Soo Kwang who has a special curse and SNSD’s Seohyun will play Seul Bi who has the special ability to see the future of the person she touches. Na In Woo’s character, Gong Soo Kwang is a person who has good looks, a sense of justice, and a good personality. Her life flows smoothly, and she has a future full of hope. However, one day, he lost everything that was precious to him and found a life that was 180 degrees different.

“Although Gong Soo Kwang has bad luck, he has a versatile charm where he is able to show various emotions whenever he changes through adversity. While playing this character, I was able to feel once again how great and special a person’s will and sincerity are,” said Na In. Woo.

Regarding the synchronization with the character, the actor commented that there was a slight resemblance at first. “Gong Soo Kwang’s way in the beginning of the drama is similar to mine. In particular, we are the same because we try to carry our own burdens and don’t show how hard we are no matter how difficult it is. And we both don’t show our emotions well,” said Na In. Woo then.

Recalling why he chose the drama for his next project, Na In Woo expressed his gratitude to director Yoon Sang Ho who is in charge of the series. The director offered him the role saying that his bright nature was a perfect match for the dramatized version of Gong Soo Kwang.

Na In Woo explained, “The original webtoon is interesting, and I think that along with the other cast members will have fun while filming because the characters will be more specifically expressed in the drama. The way each character adapts or faces the shackles of fate stimulates my curiosity,” explained Na In Woo.

Meanwhile, “Jinxed at First” officially premiered on June 15 at 10 pm. This will add to the list of watching new dramas to look forward to.


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