Lee Sung Kyung Immediately Quipped Kim Young Dae, The Effect Of Failing To Remember This


Lee Sung Kyung Immediately Showed An Annoyed Expression Because Kim Young Dae Failed To Answer This Question In A Joint Interview With Elle Korea Magazine For The Promotion Of ‘Shooting Stars’.

Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae are known to grace Elle Korea magazine to promote their upcoming drama, ” Shooting Stars “. The two showed their closeness to each other in the video uploaded on Elle Korea’s YouTube channel .

In one of the questions, both of them were asked to tell about a project that made them wear school uniforms. Lee Sung Kyung seemed to know all the drama when Kim Young Dae played a high school boy.

“What drama does Kim Young Dae appear in in a school uniform?” said Kim Young Dae reading the question. “A lot,” he said.

“‘ Extraordinary You ‘, it’s so easy,” exclaimed Lee Sung Kyung. “There’s more, tell me everything,” asked Kim Young Dae.

“‘Extraordinary You’, ‘ When The Weather is Fine ‘, ‘ Penhouse ‘,” explained Lee Sung Kyung. “Ding dong deng,” said Kim Young Dae. “I answered everything correctly,” said the beautiful actress born in 1990.

“What drama does Lee Sung Kyung appear in in uniform?” asked Lee Sung Kyung. Kim Young Dae was silent for a few seconds while looking at Lee Sung Kyung.

“Book Joo?” said Kim Young Dae mentioning Lee Sung Kyung’s role in ” Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo “. “Deng,” Lee Sung Kyung exclaimed then looked annoyed.

“He is a student,” explained Kim Young Dae. “Haha,” said Lee Sung Kyung then made Kim Young Dae laugh feeling guilty. “You said you like Bok Ju, but when did you see him in uniform?” Lee Sung Kyung quipped funny.

“Bok Joo is a student,” explained Kim Young Dae. “Not a weightlifting uniform,” protested Lee Sung Kyung. “Are we done?” asked Kim Young Dae to change the subject. “I felt disappointed at the end, I shouldn’t have asked huh?” Lee Sung Kyung joked.

Lee Sung Kyung himself plays a high school boy in the drama ” It’s Okay That’s Love “. In the drama ” Cheese in The Trap “, he also appeared in a high school uniform for a nostalgic moment.

Meanwhile, “Shooting Stars” itself will premiere on April 22. Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae’s new drama will fill the broadcast slot on Friday and Saturday.


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