Lee Joon Turns Out To Be Afraid When Filming ‘Bloody Heart’, Why?

Ahead Of The Premiere Of ‘Bloody Heart’, Lee Joon Talked About Many Interesting Things About His Role In This Drama, Including How He Felt While Filming.

Lee Joon will soon greet viewers through the new KBS drama entitled ” Bloody Heart “. Ahead of the broadcast, he talked about various interesting things about his character named Lee Tae.

“Bloody Heart” is a fictional historical drama about the bloody political romance between Lee Tae (Lee Joon), a king who must leave the woman he loves in order to survive, and a woman named Yoo Jung ( Kang Han Na ), who must become a queen to survive. life.

In more detail, King Lee Tae is a person who believes that any action can be justified to achieve his goals. But he is forced to choose between monarchy and love once he gets involved in a fierce political battle against Yoo Jung, his ex-lover.

This depiction seems to be the main reason for Lee Joon to star in this drama. He said, “The characters in this drama felt real and allowed me to try something new. Even though I was afraid because it was a historical drama, my desire to challenge myself was greater than my fear.”

Lee Joon then revealed a number of attractive charms of his character. He explained, “Lee Tae is someone who is very emotional and he has a very real human side. Lee Tae is a multidimensional character who goes through complex internal turmoil, so I feel sorry for him.”

“While playing the role of Lee Tae, I really relate to him. But at the same time, because I feel sorry for him because it was difficult during (filming) the more emotional scenes,” he added.

Lastly, Lee Joon revealed his focus when playing the role of Lee Tae. He also chose “tone composition”, “low voice” and “weak” as the aspects that best describe the character.

He explained, “Because Lee Tae is different from the different characters I’ve played in the past, I acted with various scenarios and settings in mind. Although I was worried about whether I could portray Lee Tae well, I found myself paying more attention and making sure not to overdo it. rather than focusing on a specific part.”

“Every time I shoot, I feel scared and excited at the same time. I also really hope that the audience will enjoy ‘Bloody Heart’,” concluded the actor who was born in 1988.

Meanwhile, “Bloody Heart” is prepared to replace the broadcast slot ” Crazy Love ” on KBS Monday-Tuesday night. The plan, the drama, which also stars Jang Hyuk , will start airing on May 2.

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