Lee Hyori’s Joke About Beautiful Women Reaps Criticism From The Mom Cafe Community

The Mom Cafe Community Criticized Lee Hyori’s Joking Comments On The Latest Episode Of ‘Seoul Check-In.’ Mom Cafe Is A Community Whose Members Are Mostly Women Or Mothers.

Members of the online community Mom Cafe condemned Lee Hyori ‘s joking comments on the show ” Seoul Check-in .” Mom Cafe is a community whose members are mostly women or mothers.

On April 11, an article titled, “Public opinion about Mom Cafe is getting worse because of Lee Hyo-ri.jpg’s remarks” was posted on the online community. The post contains screenshots of the scene where Lee Hyori spoke in the latest episode of “Seoul Check-in.”

In the conversation, comedian Park Narae said to Lee Hyori, “I’m very curious about the lives of beautiful women, this is what I want to know the most when I meet you.”

Lee Hyori jokingly replied, “You wouldn’t be able to imagine it even if I told you, right? Sorry but…”

Lee Hyori added, “Just like the fact that I didn’t know about the lives of women who are very cute and the lives of women who are very entertaining. I had to experience it.”

A member of Mom Cafe replied that he was a bit uncomfortable with Lee Hyori’s comments. “I like Lee Hyori but when she asked Park Narae if she had ever had a man stare at her and ask for her cell phone number, I thought, isn’t that painful? A question that comes from a woman herself?”

He added, “It’s something that can happen once or twice, and it may not happen, but he makes it (Park Narae) difficult to answer. It would be nice if Lee Hyori answered the question intelligently. I was disappointed and embarrassed when she say that.”

Another Mom Cafe member commented, “I like Lee Hyori, but the life of a very beautiful woman? I don’t know what it’s like. I can’t relate to that. That question should be asked to a beautiful woman like Yoona , right?”

However, netizens who saw the reactions of the Mom Cafe members showed the opposite opinion. They consider Lee Hyori’s statement to be a joke and not a problem at all.

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