Lee El Highlights His Love Story With Lee Ki Woo In ‘My Liberation Notes’


‘My Liberation Notes’ Ended The Broadcast With The Highest Rating Of All Time. According To Nielsen Korea, The Drama, Which Also Stars Lee Min Ki, Recorded A Rating Of 6.1 Percent.

My Liberation Notes ” presents its 16th episode on Sunday (29/5). Once finished, Lee El, who became one of the main players in the JTBC drama, conducted an exclusive interview with local media.

“My Liberation Notes” received a positive response from the audience. Even from the ratings, the drama, which also stars Kim Ji Won , continues to set new records. In his interview, Lee El revealed his feelings.

“I think this is the first time since ‘ Goblin ‘. Wherever people gather, there are always stories about ‘My Liberation Notes’. As expected at first, like the drizzle and spring rain, it seems to have absorbed the viewers,” said Lee El.

“There are people who haven’t seen it, but I don’t think anyone has seen it just once. Someone said that. I’m really grateful that it looks like a drama that I watched over and over again to hear the dialogue and music and play it like BGM,” added Lee. El.

Lee El then discussed the love story of his characters, Yeom Ki Jung and Cho Tae Hun ( Lee Ki Woo ). “I think he might have been released since falling in love like that. Of course, there must have been a lot of hardships and tribulations between Ki Jung and Tae Hoon, right?” said Lee El.

Lee El then imagined Ki Jung’s life after “My Liberation Notes” ended. “I don’t think anything has changed. Maybe Ki Jung will get drunk again, make mistakes, and argue with his younger siblings. Looks like it will be a normal life,” said Lee El.

Finally Lee El conveyed his gratitude to the audience. “Watching the ratings go up little by little, I was happy to hear from word of mouth that the air was filling much faster than the numbers,” Lee El revealed.

And thank you for supporting Ki Jung’s love with one heart. There is one week left for the drama, but even after the broadcast ends, the three brothers must be living well somewhere. If you happen to run into each other, give me a hug. concluded Lee El.

Meanwhile, “My Liberation Notes” ended the broadcast with the highest rating of all time. According to Nielsen Korea, the drama, which also stars Lee Min Ki , recorded a rating of 6.1 percent.


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