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League Of Legends: Bel’veth Is Coming

League Of Legends: Bel’veth Is Coming

Several teasers greeted the League of Legends network earlier these days, all about the release of the most recent champion Bel’Veth, the Void Empress.

The first teaser is an unlisted YouTube video published by means of the reputable League of Legends channel, titled “To the Prophet of the Void.” If this doesn’t strike a chord, that is Malzahar’s epithet.


It opens with what all of us assume to be Bel’Veth’s eye, addressing Malzahar as her “prophet.” She is going directly to announce her arrival to him, pronouncing “my Prophet, your Empress has arrived. Witness your reward: the give up of the whole lot.” The brief teaser ends with Bel’Veth beginning two more eyes, this new pair searching extra human-like than the primary one. The League of Legends emblem is also proven to be “corrupted,” as though the Empress is seeping in.

There is a 2nd teaser, titled “To the Eye of the Void,” this time addressed to Vel’Koz.


Once once more regarding their epithet, Bel’Veth broadcasts: “Eye of the Void, your Watchers are incapable of expertise. I am the Void, and I will remake all of Runeterra.” Vel’Koz is proven searching afraid, and the similarities among Vel’Koz’ and Bel’Veth’s eyes are drawn.

Both videos had the equal description, that’s really “May 20, 2022 12:00PM PT.” Many anticipate that is whilst the champion might be officially found out. The teasers do no longer prevent here even though, as eager-eyed lovers have observed that Kai’Sa has received a few thrilling tweaks to her splash artwork inside the League of Legends Universe website. In this “corrupted” splash art, various appendages wrap around Kai’Sa’s frame, with one even accomplishing her head.

The sneaky content material did not cease there, as new voice strains had been delivered into the PBE as nicely. These Bel’Veth voice traces trigger while gambling as champions who are from the Void, or have ties to it, which includes Kai’Sa or Kassadin. Check out the voice strains right here:


This similarly cements Bel’Veth’s stature as an vital parent inside the Void, in addition to her animosity with Vel’Koz and their Watchers. All of these teasers factor closer to one issue: The Void Empress is ready to eat the Rift.

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