LE SSERAFIM Teaser Allegedly Infringing On The Copyright Of A Game Console


The LE SSERAFIM Group Teaser That Was Released Recently Was Accused Of Violating The Copyright Of A Game Console. Check Out The Reasons And The Full Explanation In The News Below.

LE SSERAFIM continues to reap controversy after being introduced as the first girl group HYBE and Source Music. This time, the group was accused of violating the copyright of a game console.

On Sunday (10/4) midnight Korean time, HYBE Labels released a video entitled “CASTING CALL” as the group’s seventh teaser. This video shows the various attractive charms of the members when they pose like models.

In particular, netizens’ attention was drawn to Miyawaki Sakura who was seen using a Nintendo portable game console. This scene itself is seen when the members are waiting in line for their turn.

Some netizens who saw the scene suspected that the game console cartridge used by Sakura was an illegal cartridge, called an “illegal chip”. Illegal chips are chips that are used by inserting game programs downloaded from a PC onto an SD card, and inserting them into a compatible cartridge.

The illegal chip has an SD card slot that is not like the original. And the chips seen in the LE SSERAFIM video are the same as illegal chips.

Netizens who saw this detail immediately criticized the agency, which was deemed to have violated the game’s copyright. Check out some of their responses below:

“Where has their copyright awareness gone?” said a netizen. “They should pay more attention to props,” added another netizen. “Everything about this group is controversial,” said another netizen and many more.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that LE SSERAFIM’s pre-debut content has been criticized. Previously, the agency protested because it was considered to be too sexist for the members even though they were still quite young.


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