Lawyer For Suspected Bullying Victim Surprised Kim Garam Can Debut In LE SSERAFIM

Debuting In Early May, LE SSERAFIM Immediately Shocked The Public Because Of His Past Behavior Which Accused Him Of Being A Bully. The Rumor Spread And Made The Idol’s Name Cornered Because Of Strong Evidence From The Alleged Victim.

Kim Garam’s bullying case has yet to find a solution. Recently, a lawyer for the alleged victim took to Twitter to express his insights regarding this controversy.

On May 20, lawyer B took to Twitter to reveal his insights about the idol who successfully debuted with LE SSERAFIM . In particular, lawyer B’s view is the response of the alleged victim’s side expressed through the law firm Daeryun.

“On June 4 2018, the Committee to Combat School Violence was held, and Kim Garam, students who commit violence in schools receive six hours of special education according to Article 17 (1) 5 of the Law on the Prevention and Countermeasures of School Violence,” said the lawyer. .

In the case of the School Violence Committee’s 5th action received by Kim Garam, it is widely believed that there is an assessment that the intensity of violence in schools is serious. “The simple attack experienced handled (action) between No. 1 and No. 3, and it is surprising that (Kim Garam) received level 5. Special Education level 5 School Violence Committee will remain in student records for two years even after graduation unless we appoint a lawyer to file an administrative lawsuit to remove it,” said the lawyer.

Therefore, the lawyer became confused and skeptical about how the “FEARLESS” singer was chosen to join the group lineup if he had this record. Moreover, it is known that Kim Garam auditioned to become an idol in 2018 which was reported while the sentence was in progress.

“If the agency accepts his student record, it will still be there. So how did he debut? Did he appoint a lawyer and delete it at graduation? It’s amazing that he was chosen as an idol trainee even though he received a sentence of the 5th level,” said the lawyer who surprised by that.

The lawyer, who was a member of the school violence committee, said it was rare for anyone to take such serious action. “In fact, elementary and junior high schools are still too young to be victims and perpetrators, and it is a big burden for them to decide the disposition of their students’ records, so they hope they will grow up and their children will be better off,” he continued.

“I’ve seen cases where forced harassment was also carried out and verbal sexual harassment was also committed. But I can’t believe I saw level 5 in the news,” he continued later.

Meanwhile, Kim Garam’s agency HYBE and Source Music, claimed that victim A started a dispute with Kim’s friend after sharing the victim’s private photo without his consent. Because of this, Kim Garam and his friend confronted A and although there was no physical fight, the incident resulted in the involvement of the School Violence Prevention Committee after the victim accused the two of being bullies.

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