Kim Sejeong Gets The Korean Version Of Emma Stone’s Nickname Thanks To The ‘Business Proposal’, Is It Mixed?


Kim Sejeong Earned The Nickname Emma Stone Korea Thanks To The ‘Business Proposal’. This Is His Response After His Name Was Juxtaposed With The Figure He Had Liked For A Long Time.

Kim Sejeong has finished starring in the drama ” Business Proposal “. Thanks to her appearance, the former IOI and Gugudan member earned the Korean version of Emma Stone .

Based on the popular webtoon, “Business Proposal” tells the love story of food researcher Shin Ha Ri (Kim Sejeong) who cheats on her CEO Kang Tae Mu (Ahn Hyo Seop). Replacing his friend Jin Young Seo (Seol In Ah) on a blind date, Shin Ha Ri runs into Kang Tae Mu and gets into a complicated deal.

However, from the agreement, love was born between Shin Ha Ri and Kang Tae Mu. In particular, Kim Sejeong successfully displayed the bright figure of Shin Ha Ri who never fails to entertain viewers at home. Several times Kim Sejeong has also displayed her golden voice in the drama, making viewers even more amazed.

Regarding the nickname “Korean version of Emma Stone”, Kim Sejeong had mixed feelings. His cute appearance at the beginning of “Business Proposal” has become a hot topic on social media. Moreover, the scene where Shin Ha Ri gives names to her chest with Samanta and Rachel has succeeded in making viewers burst into laughter.

“There are two emotions. One of them, I’m very grateful. It was an important scene, so I had to attract a lot of people’s attention, and since it was the first scene about Geum Hee, I had to convince the audience. It shouldn’t just be funny, it should be funny only. by seeing Ha Ri. Fortunately, I was persuaded,” said Kim Sejeong.

In addition, Kim Sejeong has been in love with Emma Stone for a long time. Although happy to be nicknamed the same as his idol, Kim Sejeong admitted that he was burdened by the nickname.

“Fortunately, I was told that I am like Emma Stone and I have liked it for a long time. It is the most popular name that only I know, but I am glad that people call me that. It is also hard to bear the name Emma Stone,” continued Kim Sejeong.

Meanwhile, “Business Proposal” has ended with a rating of 11.4 percent on Tuesday (5/4). This drama is still faithfully perched at #1 on Netflix Indonesia as of Thursday (7/4).


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