Kim Sae Ron And Seo Ye Ji Scandal Suddenly Linked, Why?


Kim Sae Ron’s DUI Scandal And Seo Ye Ji’s Attitude Controversy Were Suddenly Linked. What Is The Reason? Check Out The Full Explanation In The Following WowKeren News.

Kim Sae Ron is in the spotlight because he is being investigated by the police on suspicion of drunk driving which caused damage to public facilities. Along with this, netizens suddenly linked the case to the scandalous private life of the beautiful actress Seo Ye Ji . What is the relation?

For information, Kim Sae Ron and Seo Ye Ji are shaded by the same agency, Gold Medalist. This is a big agency that houses many famous artists including Kim Soo Hyun . Unfortunately, the Gold Medalist is considered less wise in responding to the artist controversy.

When Kim Sae Ron’s DUI incident exploded, Gold Medalist gave a brief statement saying, “Kim Sae Ron has already done a blood test for an accurate test and after the test, she was sent home without any other investigation under the guidance of her guardian. Blood test results are expected to come out within two weeks. week. Kim Sae Ron will faithfully fulfill the request of the police.”

There were many South Korean media and netizens who highlighted this statement, because the agency did not deny or confirm the fact that Kim Sae Ron was driving drunk. In addition, they also did not offer an apology for the damage that the actress had caused.

According to many parties, the agency’s attitude is exactly what they showed when responding to the Seo Ye Ji controversy last year. When Seo Ye Ji’s name was mentioned in the controversy over Kim Jung Hyun’s attitude , Gold Medalist only gave a brief statement and belatedly apologized.

In particular, Gold Medalists are considered slow in understanding controversial situations and their ability to solve problems is almost a failure. That’s why there are many people who ask whether there is risk management within the company.

The media also mentioned that if Gold Medalists don’t prioritize apologies when their artist causes an accident, they won’t be able to escape the stigma of a “controversial Gold Medalist”.

In the midst of all that, the Gold Medalist finally apologized on Thursday (19/5) this morning and admitted that Kim Sae Ron was indeed drunk driving. Just like Seo Ye Ji’s case, the agency also apologized for being late in conveying its official position.


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