Kim Sae Ron Admits He Drinking Alcohol Again After Being Involved In DUI Case


The Public Is Again Exploring Kim Sae Ron’s Pride In Her Tolerance For Drinking Alcohol. However, With The Incident, It Becomes A Question Because The Thing He Likes Becomes A Big Case For Him.

In the midst of the controversy over Kim Sae Ron’s drunk driving accident , the past broadcast where he revealed himself as an “alcohol lover” resurfaced. The DUI case that happened to Kim Sae Ron seemed to strengthen how this one actress has a love for alcoholic beverages.

As previously reported on May 18, Kim Sae Ron hit a building on the road while driving under the influence of alcohol. The actress admitted to drunk driving through a handwritten apology posted on Instagram on May 19 although there are still many who criticize her.

Because of this incident, netizens are revisiting Kim Sae Ron’s appearance on the past program when she showed her pride in drinking alcohol. In particular, Kim Sae Ron has bragged about her drinking tolerance on the shows ” On and off ” and ” The Fishermen and the City .”

It was revealed that when appearing on the broadcast of tvN’s entertainment program “On and off” on September 5, 2020, Kim Sae Ron enjoyed a thrilling adult taste sensation while drinking at home with her friends. He took a sip of beer and excitedly exclaimed, “Yes! Here he is!”

When answering a question about telling about his favorite thing from an interview conducted in August 2021, Kim Sae Ron admitted that he could handle himself after drinking alcohol very well. “First, I can drink really well. I want to challenge many new things,” said Kim Sae Ron at the time.

In fact, not everything can run smoothly. Despite claiming to be able to cope after drinking alcohol, Kim Sae Ron hit a guardrail, electric transformer and a street tree while driving under the influence of alcohol near Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The incident, which occurred around 8 am on May 18, caused damage and inconvenience to public facilities. The police were sent to the crash site after receiving reports from the citizens, but Kim Sae Ron tried to escape.

According to the police, Kim Sae Ron was arrested for drunk driving based on a breathalyzer test at the scene, but the actress demanded a blood test. The results of his blood test will be revealed in two weeks and the police will confirm the charges against Kim Sae Ron as soon as the results are announced. Due to a drunk driving accident, Kim Sae-ron decided to leave the SBS drama ” Trolley ” where she was cast for the lead role.


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