Kim Garam LE SSERAFIM Accused Of Injuring Classmates And Humiliating IVE

Recently On April 6, A Netizen Shared A Tweet Revealing That Kim Garam LE SSERAFIM Had Transferred Schools After Injuring A Classmate.

The bullying controversy involving Kim Garam LE SSERAFIM continues to escalate with more and more accusations appearing on the web. Even though HYBE has firmly denied all negative rumors about the idol, and even threatened to take legal action.

Earlier this week, accusations that Kim Garam was a school bully started to spread on the web as soon as his profile picture was released by HYBE. In addition to bullying, there were also circulating photos of allegedly Kim Garam with an indecent attitude as a student.

Recently on April 6, a netizen shared a tweet revealing that Kim Garam had transferred schools after injuring his classmate. This tweet immediately garnered a lot of attention.

So Kim Garam who was revealed (as a member of LE SSERAFIM) at 12 o’clock today, his past is not clean. He was transferred from Gwangju and he was transferred because something happened. Due to debut, he went around to apologize and so on. So 100 percent his past will come out,” the tweet read.

The tweet replied to the post and revealed what had happened. According to the post circulating, Kim Garam had transferred schools after injuring his classmate.

So he (Kim Garam) transferred schools after he made a classmate hit his head on a brick. My friend’s brother is close to Kim Garam and I heard about it from my friend. Shouldn’t he go to Juvi (children’s prison), not just change schools? ” the post is clear.

A comment on the online community post also explained, “So it wasn’t because he hit his classmate with a brick, he pushed his classmate’s head against the brick wall and his head was torn off. Of course, he bullied him on purpose.”

“It doesn’t matter whether he hits his classmate with a brick or pushes the girl’s head against a brick wall, that’s also not normal. It’s legendary. All other accusations of bullying are about someone badmouthing other people. The photos that have been revealed already show him unusual,” said another.

Another social media post also revealed that Kim Garam and his friends were badmouthing IVE. They bragged at school that Kim Garam would be debuting soon.

The post includes a photo of a picture and a writing on a blackboard that says LE SSERAFIM will beat IVE. But once again, the posts circulating in the online community have not been confirmed. Let’s wait for further statement from HYBE.

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