Kim Chaewon LE SSERAFIM Reveals The Difficulty Of Returning To Being A Trainee After IZ*ONE Disbanded


Kim Chaewon Put A Lot Of Energy Into Improving Her Dancing Skills. The Idol Went Back To Basics And Worked Hard To Learn A New Dance Style.

Kim Chaewon LE SSERAFIM was given a second chance to become a K-Pop idol, but his journey to debut as a member of LE SSERAFIM was not always easy. The singer revealed the difficulties he experienced during the preparation for his second debut.

When IZ*ONE disbanded after their contract expired in 2021, Chaewon returned to Woollim Entertainment as a trainee before joining Source Music and eventually becoming the leader of LE SSERAFIM. However, after changing labels, Chaewon became a trainee again.

Chaewon shared about the struggles of being a trainee once again in an interview with Weverse Magazine. He revealed that he felt his skills were lacking while promoting with IZ*ONE, so he worked hard to further develop his skills before debuting as a member of LE SSERAFIM.

Chaewon put a lot of energy into improving her dancing skills. She went back to basics and worked hard to learn new dance styles.

“Initially my trainee period was short, so I felt a lot lacking during IZ*ONE promotions, and it’s a shame I didn’t have time to develop my skills other than practicing active songs because I was busy during promotions. So, through this opportunity, ‘Let’s do our best as a trainee which we have never experienced before. It is the mindset that we must strengthen from the beginning,'” he said.

Chaewon continued, “In terms of dance, after becoming a trainee, I started again from the basics of learning. There were many tasks such as dancing in a style that I had never done before, doing freestyle, and imitating my own choreography. After taking choreography videos every week , receiving feedback, practicing points for improvement, filming again, and practicing as if evaluating in this way, I feel that my basic skills are really lacking. ‘I was only this much at first.’ It was the moment when I realized my true dancing ability when I was in a hurry.”

Chaewon also challenged himself to try out a new vocal style to make his voice more powerful. I wanted to develop a stronger voice, and especially while training the trainees this time, I focused on challenging new vocal styles. Apart from ballads and songs that I usually listen to a lot, I practiced singing differently than before by listening to various pop songs, R&B, and genres I don’t usually listen to.”


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