Kian84 Regrets This After Making A Video Call With BLACKPINK’s Jennie On ‘I Live Alone’

Kian84 Was Annoyed After Making A Video Call With BLACKPINK’s Jennie On The Latest Episode Of The MBC Program ‘I Live Alone’. Check Out The Following Reasons.

Jennie BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) made an unexpected appearance on the latest episode of ” I Live Alone ” which aired on Friday (1/4). His appearance immediately made Kian84 super excited.

In the episode, Kian84 asked Song Min Ho Winner (II) , “Are you close to anyone at YG Entertainment who can video call (with)?”. After hearing this, Song Min Ho immediately made a video call with Jennie, who is his best friend.

When asked what she was doing, Jennie said, “I’m at the venue in Paris.” After that, Song Min Ho said, “I’m camping right now and there’s a fan (Jennie) next to me. May I introduce her to you?”.

After Jennie agreed to the request, Kian84 was immediately excited. He shouted, “Oh! Wow, wow. Hello. Oh my God. It’s an honor. I’ll be cheering you on. I’m a huge fan of yours!” Upon hearing this, Jennie replied, “Thank you.”

However, Kian84 immediately showed his regret after making a video call with Jennie. In an interview with the production team, he admitted that he was very upset because he couldn’t control himself and kept making noise while chatting with Jennie.

He said, “Jennie is a superstar and the most beautiful person in Korea. Why am I making such a fuss? I’m annoyed with myself.”

“I should have handed over the phone nicely. But I hate myself and feel ashamed for making a fuss,” concluded the owner of the name Kim Hee Min.

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