Keumjo Immediately Marries Actor Baek Ki Bum, Takes A Photo With Beautiful Bridesmaid Like A Nine Muses Reunion


Keumjo Ex Nine Muses Will Soon Marry Musical Actor Baek Ki Bum. Before The Wedding, The Former Idol Uploaded A Pre-Wedding Photo With The Bridesmaids As If They Were Having A Group Reunion.

Good news coming from the K-Pop industry. Keumjo, former member of Nine Muses , is getting married to musical actor Baek Ki Bum . Not only announcing the marriage, the former idol satisfied fans’ longing for the Nine Muses girl group through his uploads.

On May 28, Keumjo uploaded a wedding photo on his Instagram while announcing the happy plan. The 1992-born celebrity conveyed her heart to fans about this plan.

“I’m writing this to you because I have news I want to share. I’m still nervous about how to start, and I’m afraid the fans will be disappointed,” said Keumjo. “However, since this is a big life decision, I thought I should be the first to tell you guys directly.”

Then Keumjo continued, “I have met someone I love and made a lifelong promise and whom I will marry this September. That person’s name is Cho Sung Jae, although more people will know him as actor Baek Ki Bum.”

In addition, Keumjo also promised to keep pursuing his dream of singing even though he was currently welcoming his new status as a wife. Don’t forget Keumjo told fans what made him solidify his choice of actor Baek Ki Bum.

“I’ve felt comfortable deciding to do it all myself so far, and I used to not be able to depend on anyone. But he’s wiser and smarter than anyone I’ve ever known, he has the flexibility and warmth to listen to me. maintain a reliable image.”

“I think many people are surprised by this sudden news, but I think it would be perfect if you could warmly support our future,” concluded Keumjo.

Not only photos with his future husband, Keumjo also let fans peek at portraits of himself and the former Nine Muses members that felt like a reunion. Seungah , Minha , Hyemi , Euaerin , Moon Hyuna , Kyungri and Jo Sojin will also be Keumjo’s bridesmaids.

In these portraits, the seven former Nine Muses members dress up no less beautifully than Keumjo. There are two sets of photos, the first one shows them wearing white uniforms while hugging Keumjo and sitting around the prospective manten. In another set of photos, they are wearing pretty pink dresses according to their respective styles while Keumjo is wearing a wedding dress while holding a bouquet of flowers.

Meanwhile, Nine Muses is a girl group that was active from 2010 to 2019. Carrying a sexy image like a model, their name is no stranger to K-Pop fans. They reached the peak of glory since 2013 until disbanded with flagship songs such as “Dolls”, “Wild”, “Drama” and many more.


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